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Now that they have our attention!

Rick DeMeis
12/16/2011 09:17 PM EST

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re: Now that they have our attention!
zeeglen   12/17/2011 6:17:04 PM
The problem with legislating a ban is that determined users will ignore the law just as they do now. Placing the responsibility on the service providers to detect motion and disable communication (except for emergency calls) will ensure all moving devices are rendered inoperable. The argument against this is that passengers in cars, trains, buses, boats are also affected. However, in most cases these passengers are already restricted from other activities such as consumption of alcohol or illicit substances. The alternative is to embed a jamming device in the vehicle that can sense whether it is the driver or a passenger using the mobile unit, make this device impossible to defeat by its removal or electrical disconnection, and not jam users external to the vehicle. This would be quite a trick. Maybe a camera in the steering wheel? [(No image OR driver's lips moving OR lips covered with surgical mask) AND strong RF field detected AND vehicle in motion AND both hands not on steering wheel for longer than 5 seconds = enable jam)]. Or similar algorithm. The problem here is that older vehicles without this 'feature' would quickly rise in value and remain in service much longer than they do now. It's a pickle all right...

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re: Now that they have our attention!
agk   12/17/2011 1:04:34 PM
A new device can be fitted into every car so that the driving seat area will not be able receive or transmit calls including the hands free wired or non wired devices. This device to be designd as a passive device which will absorb all the radiation of the mobile tower signls. Also it will detect audio signls from the wired devices and switch of the engine with a warning.

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re: Now that they have our attention!
Bert22306   12/16/2011 11:01:13 PM
I have to say, most of the time, when I notice a driver doing something particularly bone-headed, e.g. crawling along at a slow pace while a stale green is about to turn red, or swerving into my lane unexpectedly, it's because the genius is talking on his cell phone. So I'm not surprised by this NTSB recommendation. A ban would go a long way to preventing road rage. A total ban is an inconvenience to everyone. It's motivated by the evident fact that too many people cannot be bothered to show some restraint. While driving, keep those calls short, if you must call at all. Still, my suspicion is that people in Congress are among the worst offenders, so that nothing will be done on this score.

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