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India’s “Huaqiang North:” Can Indian & Chinese Dreams Both Be Achieved?

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Everyone knows India is corrupt and 3rd world.
Loser99   8/30/2016 11:56:32 AM
Who hasn't gotten a corrupt "find a virus" on your computer phone call?

Scams a plenty.  Everyone I know that has visited never goes back a 2nd time.

I used to work with Indian people at a big company and they were always embarrased and when american employees went there for business they would be quietly polite about visiting.  No one ever wanted to go back again but didnt say so so they wouldnt offend the Indian coworkers. 

I also talked to my companies "security" team and they were always flying over there to take care of someone embezzling money or doing something corrupt, though they would never tell me details.

Is there any reason that a Semiconductor fab does not exist in India?

maybe memories of Bhopal. 


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Re: Good read
DCH0   8/30/2016 11:49:07 AM
The book "Geek Nation: How Indian Science is Taking Over the World" was published in 2011, but I think it still provides a good viewpoint.   You can find it on Amazon.

Jim Li's candid impressions are appropriate, but one could also do a select visit to parts of China facing a downturn and come away with a pessimistic outlook as well.  Smog in India is just as depressing as smog in China or anywhere in the world.


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Good read
scud   8/30/2016 5:32:57 AM
I liked the straight from the heart impression left by the author of this post. This is an honest potrayal of how India looks as seen through foreign eyes, sans any romanticism. The author is clearly disappointed and a bit amused by the backwardness of India. Clearly, all that talk of India being compared to China is either drunken blabber or misplaced optimism.

Having said all that, I am sure that there is little awareness about India amongst Chinese people. One trip with a tour guide will not give a nuanced understanding of the country. I was interested to read that the Chinese people doing business in India have a deep distrust of the Indian system and feel that they get cheated. This feeling goes the other way as well. Indians in general do not trust the quality of Chinese products.

The author is optimistic that co-operation between the two countries will bode well for both and this is very true. Besides the economic benefits for both, closer co-operation will hopefully clear some of the cobwebs of mistrust and build better relations between the two.


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Trickier than it looks
DataMuncher   8/29/2016 4:19:26 PM
Thanks for an excellent perspective on challenges and opportunities for high-tech manufacturing growth in India, similar to China's. At the same time, I question whether the Indian government's push to spur manufacturing via low cost labor will truly benefit India, since the entire world is actively decreasing the percentage of the population needed to manufacture increasing volumes of goods. The whole concept of development via manufacturing is turning into a mirage thanks to automation and efficiency. Parts Search

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