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HP's Loss Is Europe's Gain

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Limeys Ripping off the US and Living off these ex Colonies
chipmonk0   9/23/2013 8:54:15 AM
has been going on for at least a Century since WW I. Churchill perfected it into an art and played the US like a violin. He even goaded the US into Cold War so as to hang on to his British Empire ( the real Evil Empire, whose genocidal crimes are only now coming to light ) which crumbled anyway. Ever since, the Brits have clung to their First World pretensions by turning into Camp Followers and Parasites off the US. HP was only the latest victim. Anglophilia is a dangerous retrogression for these ex - Colonies. Admiring the Beatles and the BBC inevitably leads to exploitation by mega fraudsters like Mike Lynch or the London Whale.

rick merritt
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Re: Limeys Ripping off the US and Living off these ex Colonies
rick merritt   9/23/2013 11:07:15 AM

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Re: Limeys Ripping off the US and Living off these ex Colonies
elctrnx_lyf   9/24/2013 10:28:02 AM
This CEO has enough stuff to churn out a company every year.

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Re: Limeys Ripping off the US and Living off these ex Colonies
LarryM99   9/24/2013 4:23:46 PM
Interesting slice of "us vs. them" paranoia from chipmonk0. I can see this as a set of shenanigans by this Lynch guy, but when it expands to a European / English plot to steal intellectual capital from HP the story gets a little thin. The reality is that the world is a very small place these days and ideas cross geopolitical boundaries very easily. It is true that IP legalities have not caught up with this reality, particularly since companies like HP exist in practically every country on the planet and tend to choose the rules from the ones that benefit it the most in their arguments. That doesn't make them evil or wrong, just a company looking for the best advantage.

Peter, my sense is that an equivalent story could have been written about some instance of American exploitation of European IP. Is that how you see it, or is there a case to be made that there is a genuine imbalance of trade here?

Peter Clarke
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VC in Europe
Peter Clarke   9/25/2013 6:18:21 AM

HP, by its own actions, has admitted it paid too much for Autonomy. However, it has not been established that Autonomy did anything wrong.

I think that for historical and cultural reasons Europe in the second half of the 20th century and to date has been poor at the global commercializaton of many of its scientific and engineering discoveries and research.

Meanwhile Silicon Valley has been very successful but nonetheless Silicon Valley venture capital is starting to look like a bit of bubble that has come and gone. It funded hundreds of fabless chip companies as the digital revolution worked its way through a phase of consumerization. But the venture capitalists, a bit like sharks, have to keep moving on to find underexploited domains where they can maximize their chances of making a fast buck. Many of them are now much more focused on software than hardware and on silicon for energy rather than silicon for IT.

Money always flows down hill to try and find a new energy minimum.

But it is interesting to me (and the reason I wrote the article) is that there is a new venture capital company with a declared focus on UK/Europe that might help address that inability to exploit European IP although it too will likely focus on software rather than hardware.

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