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Convince Me Why Washer Must Talk to Grill

Talking back to IoT devices that talk behind my back
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Re: Get It Right
bcarso   7/14/2014 12:53:46 PM
She is referring to novels by Asimov (I, Robot and others), not implying that Asimov wrote 2001 A Space Odyssey. 2001 began as a Clarke short story (The Sentinel).

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Don't forget the software
Jonathan.Gordon   7/14/2014 12:37:20 PM
Having my home appliances send me hourly updates would be annoying and useless. Having my home appliances send hourly data to an energy efficiency app that collects the data, analyzes, and then tells me how I can reduce my energy costs by 10% would be very helpful. I can also imagine the devices communicating with each other to decide the optimal time to turn on the washer, dryer, sprinkler, AC, etc. 

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Hack-able access to your home?
pbenjamins   7/14/2014 12:30:52 PM
My garage door open came with a wifi enabled device to allow me to open and close my garage door through the internet.  Now why in the world would I want to open or close my garage door from anywhere in the world other than from my home or my vehicle?  Of course I DID NOT INSTALL IT!  I have enough trouble keeping phishers and hackers at bay, why would I take a risk of a hacker being able to open my garage door and possibly my house?  

The Internet has opened the world to us as a user, but it may have inadvertently opened us as a user to all the world!  Hacking my computer is one thing, hacking and controlling my home and my vehicle (remote starting of a car) is a whole other matter.  

PapaBill 20
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IoT concerns
PapaBill 20   7/14/2014 11:46:06 AM
okay, having the house, car, etc. all talkking to each other for various reasons does have some merit.  However, it does not address the real world.  All it addresses is marketing and surveillance.

Ask yourself this question:  What would happen if a terrorist organization took control of the IoT?  Do the developers care?  Do the marketting firms care?  I'm willing to bet that the only thing they care about is next Quarter's numbers.

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Maybe I'm just getting old...
jimwilliams57   7/14/2014 11:38:29 AM
I don't get it at all.  I installed have a Nest thermostat so that I can adjust it remotely, but frankly the only real benefit that I get from it is being able to have more than 4 set points during a 24-hour period.  I set it to return to the desired temp about once per hour so that if anyone changes it, it will return to my setting within an hour.  If I could do that with a non-IOT thermostat, I would.  I'd disconnect it from the wi-fi but programming the nest schedule without a networked device is just too difficult.

It bothers me when the firmware updates without my knowledge.  On one occasion, the Nest firmware update failed and it didn't restart properly.  We woke up to a cold house.  If I hadn't been home, my wife would have been on the phone with Nest customer support trying to find out why the heater wasn't working.  A simple device like a thermostat (or lightbulb) shouldn't require calls to customer support.

Maybe I'm just getting old, but I have no desire for any other devices in my home to be talking to anything.

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Get It Right
LOR100   7/14/2014 11:38:18 AM
If you can't get this right, what else is wrong? You stated:

"This is a classic case that hearkens back to Asimov and 2001: A Space Odyssey. Once empowered by its network connection, the "smart device" — in this case, a lowly light bulb — outsmarts its human "host" and starts doing things nobody ever asked it to do."

Well, first, the movie/screenplay, "2001: A Space Odyssey", was written by Arthur C. Clark (and Stanley Kubrick). The book was authored by Clark. First mistake. Second, it was not a light bulb that outwitted the astronauts, if you are referring to the "lip reading incident", but one of HAL's (the computer) "eyes" (video I/O) that was able to lip read when the astonauts were trying to have a private conversation.


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Re: Some wrong premises
TonyTib   7/14/2014 11:36:50 AM
Yeah, running on ship with just a few people works great....until disaster strkes (collision, running aground, etc).

I'm pretty sure modern tanker and freight ships are already highly automated.  I've seen pretty automated tug boats in action, with winches that hold a desired tension.  Also, new US Navy ships are more automated (especially gas turbine vessels), but if you be able to fight through damage, there's only so low you can go in manning requirements.

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Re: Why not self washing cars?
alex_m1   7/14/2014 10:25:17 AM
@prabhakar_deosthali  : i read somewhere about self service and automated car washes. So it's not hard to imagine some solution fit for automated cars. But first we need automated cars!

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Why not self washing cars?
prabhakar_deosthali   7/14/2014 8:01:25 AM
One of the most essential tasks that every car owner has to do is to wash his car .

While we are talking about all kind of automation , infotainment and self driving fuction in the futuristic cars, nobody is talking about this simple but the most essential function - The car should be able to wash itself .

See how many millions  of man hours can be saved if the cars wash themselves early in the morning by  self-activating some kind of small sprinklers and moppers on its body and are sparkingly clean when you enter the garage to go out for your daily routine.

And I am not joking!

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Re: Solution looking for a problem
alex_m1   7/14/2014 5:55:01 AM
@betajet: in general i agree with you about IDIOT, and the rest. There are many who try to build meaningless stuff.But most of our current jobs are based around selling  meaningless stuff - so in that perspective IDIOT might be useful.

I'm not sure thought about driverless cars. On one hand it could solve parking, and accidents and transportation costs and if deployed in a shared model  also a lot of the greenhouse  effects issues.

On the other hand, there's kutsu plus[1] - a new public transortation mode that might  compete with cars both on time,comfort and cost. The problems again are political and marketing based, but UBERXL combined with kutsu plus seems to point towards a scalable and efficient model. I think it's just a matter of time until this happens. And it could surely have a lot fo the benefits of the self driving cars[2] , without the complexity of self driving cars.

On the other hand , if society is to be free of work , we need self driving cars.And self driven cars will offer a much cheaper service, which is surely important.


[2]Accidents rate in public transportation are much lower than in private transportation.

[3]On call , relatively low cost SUV's  -

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