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Do You Really Need 4 GB of RAM to Type a Letter?

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Re: Backwards is a dead end
Bert22306   7/19/2014 7:12:05 PM
Exactly, Larry.

Come now, people, let's not get carried away. I occasionally look back at some old paper files I have, and can't help but wonder how we could be so unproductive in the past. Just reading some of those memos we had to write, get typed, proofread, correct or re-type, then hand-carry, seems absurd now. Never mind having to take trips to the library took look things up, having to mail or fed-ex documents individually to every person who needed them, having to waste time in "face to face" meetings when a brief teleconference would have been more than enough, and on and on.

Count me among those who don't want to go back.

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Backwards is a dead end
LarryM99   7/19/2014 6:22:34 PM
Nostalgia makes for a nice escape, but it doesn't get things done. I understand the wish to go back to simpler times, but they have their own complications. Carbon paper used to be a real security hole for purely mechanical typewriters, and I would bet that the device pictured has its own set of vulnerabilities. The most effective network security barrier is still an air gap, although even that takes more care than it used to.

It is a security truth that the only secure system is one that is turned off and sealed in a box. The degree that it varies from that is how insecure it is, but also how useful it is.

Larry M.

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At least it's paperless
resistion   7/19/2014 10:39:20 AM
Undoubtedly electronic devices are in danger of security breaches when they are connected online. Wouldn't the best way be to just disconnect and go offline? With paper and typewriter, there is obvious undesirable consumption of paper as well as typo correction fluids, not really environmentally friendly compared to backspace key.

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Beautiful mind
_hm   7/19/2014 9:11:07 AM
@Charles:That is wonderful to read. Yes, people in general has almost lost power to think and anlalyse.

I wish better sense prevails and people soon realise the power of simiplicity.


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4 GB not enough
Measurement.Blues   7/18/2014 3:03:22 PM
I just bought a new laptop with 8GB of RAM. I expect to have it for 6-8 years and it's good to have abundant memory. You never know waht software you'll be running in several years.

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