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IoT Library: Roadmap to Internet of Things Connectivity

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Re: Kitesurfing inspired our IOT project
operative   1/14/2016 5:04:16 PM
We are looking at several routes to rapidly expand our network, we will have more detail in the coming months. Our meters can be used anywhere and could support iridium modems for sites well of the beaten track.

We have a limited stock of our meters avaiable by request at present. We will be offering our cAno2 board as well as our enviromental meters, you can see some pictures on our Facebook feed that hint at what we are adding.

We should have a teardown avaiable on EET in a few weeks, I'll put more detail of all the above in that. 

Thanks for your interest, please follow us and spread the word.

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Re: Kitesurfing inspired our IOT project
tech_watcher   1/14/2016 1:59:27 PM
Great application and interesting case study with useful references and visuals - thanks for sharing. Will you expand the geographical coverage for this beyond the present footprint? Create a network? Just curious.

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Kitesurfing inspired our IOT project
operative   1/12/2016 6:19:51 PM
We wanted real-time wind speed feeds from remote locations. The ablility to get access to low power and cost mcu's enabled us to start our own project to stream real time enviromental data.

We started with TI's MSP430FR5739 and are now using the MSP430FR5969. Low power and extremely capable. Initially using experimenter boards we have since integrated all required functions onto a single board we call cAno. 

We are close to 15 million data points sent and have been testing our units in the field for over two years.

Its getting easier to build your own project and makes for very exciting times.

You can check out our project at

Our boards and one of our meters

Ilya Geller
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Who needs IoT?
Ilya Geller   1/12/2016 11:02:40 AM
IoT is a substitution for structured unstructured data: IoT operates with data aggregated from many devices – which may do the same but be produced by many independent companies.  

The questions are:

1.       How IoT data from many different types of devices is connected? How can it be concatenated? Are devices from one manufacturer producing different type of IoT data from another manufacturer, even if they do the same?

2.       In what form that data exists?

The IoT format: number '1' is the word 'one'; number '0' is the word 'zero'; sign '.' is the word 'point'. etc. Therefore, all data at IoT is text or can be translated to text, which one relates to some explanatory materials somewhere. Therefore, IoT data is relational data.

Next, I guess data from one manufacturer should be somehow (manually, through programming) translated at some common format.

However, Oracle and IBM already structure unstructured data:
Oracle: 'Term weights represent an extremely powerful feature, and care should be taken when using them... terms in an index are automatically weighted based on their distribution in the indexed content.'
https://docs (dot) oracle (dot) com/cd/E24152_01/Search.10-1/ATGSearchAdmin/html/s1007understandingtermweights01.html
Nobody ever before Oracle could obtain statistics (weights) on data automatically, index by common dictionary and use synonyms.

IBM: "Watson can understand unstructured data, which is 80 percent of data today: all of the information that is produced primarily by humans for other humans to consume," according to an explanatory video about IBM's Watson tech.

Oracle already uses synonyms searching! Therefore Oracle can find common platform for data from different manufacturers automatically, without manual, special programming means: the synonyms form relations among texts.

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