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7 Trends You'll See at MWC 2016

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realjjj   2/19/2016 12:03:15 PM
Mediatek has designs wins with the P10 and X20 , Qualcomm with SD65x - this is the most important SoC this year as it can revive the midrange in a big way.  Mediatek will likely formally announce the P20 , maybe X30 and a few lower end SoCs, Spreadtrum should show what it has on 16ff,  Nvidia might have it's new Tegra. Wifi ad is starting to be relevant and it's more important today than LTE, for the user. LTE is just something that hurts the user's pocket and can't be used much, wifi ad can lead to some cool gadgets.
In high end we'll see many device makers failing to push specs, design and features forward. Vivo might have the most interesting high end phone.
Watches are just stuck waiting for Google to open source Wear. More insanely priced dumbwatch clones have no relevance, just a waste of resources.
Bigger capacity NAND dies should enable larger MicroSDs. Wifi ad needs more routers. In tablets it is just tragic but maybe someone makes a decent product. Might be time for some big phone makers to show some drones. Windows tries 1 last time. Ubuntu keeps slowly evolving. The iphone this year will have 12.5% share or less, being concerned about Apple is like a sprinter that keeps looking back , pointless self-sabotage.
Biggest news could come from glasses, one can hope...

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