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5G Might Be Buzz Saw for Carriers

Shift from ARPU to Platform
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Triumph of the future- Transactions
gcarter782   3/7/2017 2:19:27 PM
Hopefully some smart group will evolve to formulate both secure and transparanet transactional tracking for the network ( read operating system) technology of the future.

It could be both cheap and affordable to take the 'ownership' of the network out of the exclusive control of a few monied interests and make it a public service again, with adequate incentives to fuel the R&D and manufacturing. Then the future 'carrier' model could evolve to a rational transaction based model. I don't think the socio-economic thinking is advanced enough in major corporations for this to happen any time soon, but perhaps a new generation of 'entrepreneurs' can make some progress and model the right behavior.

For now the major carriers are printing money, huge profits, and have transferred the public invetments in techology and communications to private ownership and profit wihtout much thought to the public commons. Stong community engagement is needed to make the best choices for the future so everyone wins.

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