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Economic Espionage in more than 1996 Act itself
Bruzzer   5/26/2015 2:05:21 PM
This analyst has been proximate, observed and been exposed to multiple forms of technology theft.

At Cyrix proximate hard IP theft, by Intel, that shows up as Cyrix FPU in P5.  That starts in 1990 as Intel accuses Cyrix of patent infringement and Cyrix accuses Intel of retaliation and I suspect infiltration. According to Cyrix source's FBI are sent in to investigate. This causes the actual industrial spies and confidence agents to set up innocents that send legitimate, yet misinformed investigators, onto innocents now set up as off the path targets.  

There is an alternative myth that Intel relies on its clout with federal government, that sends in either the CIA or Secret Service, who in turn, sell out to become the actual transfer agent's of Cyrix IP to Intel.  This theme will repeat. 

Key finding; once an Intel employee always an Intel employee beholden to Intel mob because they know, you know, who they are. There is no escaping associate network crime once they reveal themselves to you. 

Contact Joyce.Branda@USDOJ.gov for application into the protection program.

At NexGen, in 1995, observed secure data theft by individual's whose handlers remain unknown to this analyst. Theft is known to include Nx686 design spec and development schedules.  Again those stealing blame their theft on others.

In parallel a massive IP theft seems to occur during the period that is just before NexGen's acquisition by AMD.  Where no one's minding what's walking out of the NexGen lab.  Alternatively some suggest development tool theft is supported by internal sources shopping NexGen technology for a better acquisition price.

At AMD, in 1996, directly exposed to confidential data theft that include AMD marketing plans and tactical strategies, that by 2001, are confirmed stolen by Intel employees through AMD security personnel.  Again those stealing set up innocents and again send investigative personnel, none of which are adequately trained to address these forms of theft given the known's today, onto innocents that again conceals the ringmaster's.  

Masked secret service affiliate is engaged proximate Intel's internal investigators, beginning August 1997, who is concealed as a consultant to Intel Executive Staff and lead investigator(s) who for 205 consecutive months are useless in the actual investigation under thumbs of certain Intel executives, accountants, attorneys.  

Noteworthy that Secret Service Affiliate losses his cover by 2007 and today is now known directly engaged in the falsification and destruction of evidence (18 U.S.C. 1519) documenting associate network crime ring composed of Intel current and former employees and executive business relations primarily operating in product distribution channels and media enterprise.

Through this period Federal Bureau of Investigation essentially becomes a pawn of organized crime manipulated by a corporate political network of Intel relations to conceal a cartel operation.  On the training issues many reeducation strategies have been identified and certainly need to be implemented.

Moral of this story; there are many types of theft much more costly then design and physical IP theft. And the culprits are not always foreign nations or non citizens. In this specific associate network crime U.S. citizens and non citizens engage together in cartel to implement market rigging system structure's on monopolized production values that systematically target to steal the market and financial shares of Intel competitors.  Hard dollar harm is minimally calculated at $256 billion and when including some suspect missing Intel revenue touches $1 trillion.

May 1998 this investigative record is incorporated into FTC v Intel Dockets 9288 and 9341. Beyond antitrust discovery including per se price fixing, discovery keys support several racketeering find's including subgroup of stakeholders engaged in associate network crime, market rigging, stock markets manipulation and the 21 year $33,702,000,000 Intel Inside cartel administrative theft from the Entity that is Intel Corporation. That $33.702 billion theft a subset of the $256 billion production economics find and is documented as a false certification across 21 consecutive Intel annual financials.

Information is sought concerning how processor sales discounts off 1K price are accounted. 

For application into USDOJ cartel amnesty and immunity program contact Joyce.Branda@usdoj.gov.

 You won't be disappointed.

 Mike Bruzzone, Camp Marketing     



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jasiojasiojasio   5/26/2015 7:56:51 PM
Nortel was finishe not because Mr. John Roth was a crook. Was did many mistakes but he was not a crook.

Huawei did steal all NorTel IP a result of years of work of # 1 telecom company in the world by then.

So articles that it is not real are damaging tge flag and economy.

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