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1|29|2015 OAKLAND, Calif. - Broadcom is nestled in a sweet spot between traditional cable companies and newer over the top (OTT) content providers, which are both battling ...

1|23|2015 SAN FRANCISCO - Imagination Technologies continues to diversify its bets beyond mobile games running on its graphics cores. The company showed a broad set of ...

1|20|2015 LAS VEGAS — Drone vendors got special exhibition space just for them at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, a testament to the public's growing interest ...

1|19|2015 SAN FRANCSICO -- Attend any industry event and you can sense a fast growing interest in accelerometers, pressure sensors, and spectrometers. As sensors ...

1|16|2015 LAS VEGAS — Shifting sands in China’s mobile market are likely to affect the leaders in the U.S. chip industry -- such as Qualcomm and Broadcom ...

1|14|2015 TORONTO - Last week's Consumer Electronics Show was rife with wearables and the most advanced televisions, but also was the launch pad for a number of memory and ...

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Brian Fuller2
Brian Fuller2 on Object-based Audio: What Are the Design Challenges?
CC VanDorne
CC VanDorne on Object-based Audio: What Are the Design Challenges?
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Drones are, in essence, flying autonomous vehicles. Pros and cons surrounding drones today might well foreshadow the debate over the development of self-driving cars. In the context of a strongly regulated aviation industry, "self-flying" drones pose a fresh challenge. How safe is it to fly drones in different environments? Should drones be required for visual line of sight – as are piloted airplanes? Join EE Times' Junko Yoshida as she moderates a panel of drone experts.

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July 16, 1pm EDT Thursday
IoT Network Shoot Out
Junko Yoshida

What Will Clear Drones for Take off?
Junko Yoshida
MADISON, Wis. — Consumer drones never fail to attract a huge crowd at big trade events. At the Paris Air Show last month, I noticed that even the uniformed aviation ...

Martin Rowe

Friday Quiz: Name That 1994 Test Instrument
Martin Rowe
Today is July 3. EE Times' offices are closed for the holiday but Friday quizzes never get a week off. I uploaded this on July 1, but will probably work for some part of ...

Max Maxfield

Max’s Cool Beans
Speech Recognizer / Synthesizer Shield for Arduino & Other MCUs
Max Maxfield
For the last couple of years, I've been waffling on about how embedded vision and embedded speech capabilities are racing towards us.

Bernard Cole

RISC vs CISC: What's the Difference?
Bernard Cole
If you are one of the few hardware or software developers out there who still think that instruction set architectures, reduced (RISC) or complex (CISC), have any ...

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Max Maxfield

No Respect!
Max Maxfield
I was driving to work this morning, minding my own business, listening to the news on the National Public Radio (NPR), and generally at peace with the world, until...

latest comment David Ashton :-))
Bernard Cole

The Innovators Who Created the Digital Revolution
Bernard Cole
I recently purchased Walter Isaacson's "The Innovators: How a group of hackers, geniuses and geeks created the digital revolution" because I wanted to learn more about the events and ...

latest comment mohov0 Right on.
Bill Schweber

Mowing & Methanol
Bill Schweber
The first iRobot Roomba floor cleaner unit was a tremendous breakthrough when introduced in 2002. It made the vague and confusing concept of a useful robot real and tangible. It did so by ...

Peter Clarke

When Did Analog Steal Digital's Mojo?
Peter Clarke
It used to be that the ability to scale digital transistors provided a seemingly unlimited upside to working in the digital domain. And there's no doubt that students thought the simpler ...

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