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8|29|2014 BRISTOL, UK -- Does the electronics industry need another low cost development board? After all, we already have nearly 1.5m Raspberry Pi $25 boards shipped ...

8|29|2014 IBM's Watson cognitive computing technology has helped doctors, loan officers, corporations, and even military veterans find answers to complex questions. The ...

8|29|2014 PORTLAND, Ore. — Samsung is funding Pennsylvania State University researchers working to fabricate III-V indium gallium arsenide FinFETs for possible use ...

8|29|2014 TAIPEI — It’s official. Microchip Technology CEO Steve Sanghi, once known as a skeptic on the Internet of Things, wants to join the parade big time, ...

8|29|2014 MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — Like two tin cans and a string, communications channels are getting stretched to the breaking point and are sometimes victims of ...

8|29|2014 SÃO PAULO, Brazil — In the two years the Curiosity Rover has spent roaming Mars, it's made some fascinating discoveries about the planet:

See how to ease software bring-up with DesignWare IP ...
DesignWare IP Prototyping Kits enable fast software ...
This video explores the LT3086, a new member of our LDO+ ...
In today’s modern electronic systems, the need for power ...
Differential op amps are important building blocks in ...
Wireless sensor networks in general have a wide array of ...
LDO+ regulators do more than just regulate. They include ...
TE Connectivity recently announced a power over fiber ...
Michael Barr, an embedded software expert, talks about ...
Bandwidth has become more precious than gold. As we push ...
The digital power supply market has achieved rapid progress ...
Linear Technology’s LTM®4620 uses a proprietary lead frame ...
Pulsed loading conditions and abnormal disturbances within ...
With the increased-use of electronics in automotive and ...
Linear Technology’s LT®3970/LT3971 lead the industry in ...
The LTC3639 step-down regulator integrates key high ...
20-Bit 1Msps 0.5ppm INL SAR ADC.
Datacenters and server farms contain vast amounts of ...
The analog current mode control architecture of LTC3880 ...
Linear Technology’s LT3581 and LT3579 break new ground in ...
Wireless power receiver enables compact and efficient ...
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Product Compatibility Is a Constant Dilemma
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California Smartphone Kill-Switch Law: What It Means
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On Aug. 25, California Governor Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill 962, which requires "kill switches" on smartphones sold in California, starting July 1, 2015.

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Indoor Navigation: The Next Big Thing
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Friday Quiz: Forgotten T&M Companies
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Max Maxfield

Aging Brass: Cow Poop vs. Horse Doo-Doo
Max Maxfield
As you may recall, one of the things I want to do with the brass panels I'm using in my Inamorata Prognostication Engine is to make them look really old. Since everything is being mounted ...

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11 Summer Vacation Spots for Engineers
EDN Staff
This collection of places from technology history, museums, and modern marvels is a roadmap for an engineering adventure that will take you around the world. Here are just a few spots ...

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Engineers Solve Analog/Digital Problem, Invent Creative Expletives
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- An analog engineer and a digital engineer join forces, use their respective skills, and pull a few bunnies out of a hat to troubleshoot a system with which they are completely ...

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Engineers Should Study Finance: 5 Reasons Why
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I'm a big proponent of engineers learning financial basics. Why? Because engineers are making decisions all the time, in multiple ways. Having a good financial understanding guides these ...

EE Times editor Junko Yoshida grills two executives --Rick Walker, senior product marketing manager for IoT and home automation for CSR, and Jim Reich, CTO and co-founder at Palatehome.
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