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7|11|2014 MADISON, Wis. — Samsung took the wraps off a new LTE radio chip this week. The chip, supporting both FDD and TDD, is built on the 28-nm HKMG process. It's ...

7|10|2014 MADISON, Wis. — For the first time, an automobile company has conceded that a software glitch in electronic control units could cause cars to accelerate ...

7|11|2014 PORTLAND, Ore. -- Quantum dots are already being used to improve the color accuracy in high-end televisions like Sony's Bravia, and are being experimented with ...

7|10|2014 NEW YORK CITY - Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) began shipping mobile processors to Apple during the second quarter of this year and will continue ...

7|10|2014 Cellphone chipmaker Qualcomm is buying the imaging operations of CSR plc, which are based in Israel, according to local reports. CSR announced it would be ...

7|10|2014 Power management of mobile devices is in the news following the recent announcement by the Transportation Security Administration that any electronic devices ...

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DesignWare IP Prototyping Kits enable fast software ...
This video explores the LT3086, a new member of our LDO+ ...
In today’s modern electronic systems, the need for power ...
Differential op amps are important building blocks in ...
Wireless sensor networks in general have a wide array of ...
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TE Connectivity recently announced a power over fiber ...
Michael Barr, an embedded software expert, talks about ...
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The digital power supply market has achieved rapid progress ...
Linear Technology’s LTM®4620 uses a proprietary lead frame ...
Pulsed loading conditions and abnormal disturbances within ...
With the increased-use of electronics in automotive and ...
Linear Technology’s LT®3970/LT3971 lead the industry in ...
The LTC3639 step-down regulator integrates key high ...
20-Bit 1Msps 0.5ppm INL SAR ADC.
Datacenters and server farms contain vast amounts of ...
The analog current mode control architecture of LTC3880 ...
Linear Technology’s LT3581 and LT3579 break new ground in ...
Wireless power receiver enables compact and efficient ...
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28nm FD-SOI : Rank Manager  28nm FD-SOI michigan0   7/12/2014 9:48:59 PM Sang Kim Handel Jones says 28nm FD-SOI is an alternate option  for low leakage, high yields and high performance superior  to 28nm bulk technology. Consequently, Samsung can support low leakage products with its 28nm FD-SOI. look at the real issues with FD-SOI. My first question is why  28nm FD-SOI is still not manufactured today by major  semiconductor companies because 28nm bulk is manufactured  for several years by major semiconductor companies today  such as Intel, TSMC, Samsung and others. The real issue with un-doped FD-SOI channel is how to  prevent the drain voltage induced punchthrough leakage  current. In order to prevent such punchthrough leakage  current it is imperative to have an ultra thin SOI channel layer  between the source and drain so that with Vg=0V the SOI  channel is so thin that the drain field can't penetrate the thin   SOI channel or the punchthrough leakage current can't take   place. How thin SOI channel thickness has to be in order to   stop the punchthrough leakage current? It depends on the   channel or gate length, Lg. For shorter Lg, a thinner SOI   channel is required. This is the most critical issue for FD-SOI.   For 28nm FD-SOI a 7nm thin SOI channel thickness is   required to stop the punchthrough. However, the transistor  performance becomes significantly degraded due to the  transistor mobility degradation because of scattering of  charge carriers at the top gate oxide surface and at the  bottom SOI surface in the 7nm thin SOI channel. As a result,  even if 28nm FD-SOI were manufactured today, it wouldn't  be superior to 28nm bulk in terms of transistor performance  and manufacturing costs due to significantly higher SOI wafer  costs. These are the major reasons why the 28nm FD-SOI  is not manufacturable today.  The other major issue with FD-SOI is its scalerbility. For 20/22nm FD-SOI a 4~5 nm SOI channel thickness is required to stop the punchthrough leakage current, thus further  degrading transistor mobility. Furthermore, it is extremely  difficult to control 4~5nm SOI channel thickness uniformly and reliably across 12 inch wafers in the manufacturing line. How  thin...
michigan0 on 28nm FD-SOI: Samsung & ST's Major Opportunity
Aeroengineer on Desktop Pick-&-Place Machine: An EETimes Community Project
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Convince Me Why Washer Must Talk to Grill
Junko Yoshida
MADISON, Wis. — At the risk of sounding a bit curmudgeonly, I have to confess one thing. While there’s certainly something positive to be said about the ...

Lauro Rizzatti, Verification Consultant

The Growing Popularity of Emulation Design Datacenters
Lauro Rizzatti, Verification Consultant
A light breeze was clearing the starry sky in Bangalore, India, on a warm early spring Friday evening. Down on earth, the weekend rush hour made the road traffic ...

Cabe Atwell

Efficient Buildings to Be 100% Sensed
Cabe Atwell
The buildings we work and live in will in the near future be all-knowing -- or at least, all-sensing. And this is a good thing, at least for energy savings, so said the ...

Martin Rowe

Friday Quiz: All Oscilloscopes
Martin Rowe
It's Friday. This week's quiz has five questions, all about oscilloscopes. This week's questions were submitted by Arthur Pini. Arthur is a new contributor to EE Times, ...

Ron Neale

IBM Turns PCM Cell Into Nano-Sized Lab
Ron Neale
For the first time, researchers have provided actual crystallization and melting temperatures from inside the memory cell.

Max Maxfield

Menta's Embedded FPGA Fabric for SoC Designs
Max Maxfield
A few days ago, Menta of Montpellier, France, announced that it had selected IEEE-compliant Verilog, SystemVerilog, and VHDL parsers from Verific to serve as the front-end ...

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Max Maxfield

Max's Secret Garden of Desires
Max Maxfield
Recently, my wife (Gina the Gorgeous) has been muttering that we should be doing something with our back yard (we'd call it a "back garden" in England). This does make a lot of sense, ...

Karen Field

June 2014 Cartoon Caption Winner
Karen Field
Congratulations to "Wnderer" for submitting the winning caption for our June cartoon, after much heated conversation by our judges, given the plethora of great entries.

Jeremy Cook

Inspection Rejection: Why More Is Less in a Vision System
Jeremy Cook
Albert Einstein has been quoted as saying, "Everything should be as simple as possible, but not simpler." I would never claim to have his level of insight -- or such an awesome head of ...

Jeremy Cook

Machine Fixes That Made Me Go 'DUH!'
Jeremy Cook
As you can see in my bio at the end of this article, I work as a manufacturing engineer. One of my favorite things that happens on a Friday late in the afternoon is to hear my phone ring ...

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