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6|23|2017 LAKE WALES, Fla. — Last year, Intel Corp. acquired neural-network hardware maker Nervana and built Nervana’s chip, integrating it with Intel’s ...

6|23|2017 SAN FRANCISCO – Hardware startup accelerators continue to speed up, expanding their markets and funding sources, according to one pioneer. China is ...

6|23|2017 SAN FRANCISCO—The global supply of NOR flash memory remains constrained amid rising demand for AMOLED panels and touch screen displays, leading one market ...

6|22|2017 AUSTIN, Texas — Sales of chips for cellular handsets will surpass sales of chips for PCs for the first tine in 2017 as the PC sales slump continues and ...

6|22|2017 AUSTIN, Texas — After losing its top customer, selling off its SoC design group and putting its MIPS processor core licensing business up for sale, ...

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6|22|2017 TORONTO – A flavor of resistive RAM (ReRAM) has overcome a significant hurdle that has it nipping at DRAM's heels.

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Rick Merritt

React to the Software Shift
Rick Merritt
It’s called React Native. It’s a single Javascript framework that developers are increasingly using to write programs for the web, Apple’s iPhone, and ...

Jeongdong Choe

Memory/Selector Elements for Intel Optane XPoint Memory
Jeongdong Choe
Further analysis by TechInsights has determined that the Intel Optane XPoint memory die has a 128 Gb/die which is quite a bit lower memory density than the ...

Paula Doe, SEMI

$6,000 of Electronics in Car by 2022
Paula Doe, SEMI
That’s the forecast of Luca De Ambroggi, principal analyst for automotive electronics at IHS Markit, predicting almost all the electronics in a car undergo massive ...

R. Arvid Nelsen

Computer History Must Include People of Color
R. Arvid Nelsen
The film Hidden Figures about African American women mathematicians and engineers working for NASA in the early 1960s may be the first introduction to general audiences of ...

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