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3|23|2017 SAN JOSE — Electronic and optical components are destined to merge, but the annual OFC event revived the debate over whether silicon photonics (SiP) or ...

3|23|2017 SAN FRANCISCO—Specialty foundry TowerJazz Thursday (March 23) rolled out a silicon photonic (SiPho) process to complement its silicon-germanium (SiGe) ...

3|22|2017 SAN JOSE, Calif. — Optical technologies need to take significant steps forward to keep up with demand from big data centers, said a Google executive. Urs ...

3|22|2017 INDIANAPOLIS — Samsung appears to be about a quarter ahead of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) with the ramp of 10-nm process technology, ...

3|20|2017 PARIS – On the day EE Times visited Chronocam, a Paris-based startup developing an event-based computer vision technology, a ripple of shock went through ...

3|19|2017 FOLSOM, Calif. — Intel Corp. announced its first solid-state drives using its 3D XPoint memory chips. The Optane SSDs are expected to establish a small, ...

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Alexandra Rehak and Gavin Whitechurch

5 IoT Trends to Watch in 2017
Alexandra Rehak and Gavin Whitechurch
Enterprises across many different verticals are now well-aware of the potential benefits of the IoT, although most are still in the early stages of thinking about how, ...

Bill Schweber

Design Contests: Worthy, Worthless, or In Between?
Bill Schweber
Design contests are very popular, and with good reason: The "winner" gets a prize, publicity, and perhaps opportunity to execute the idea. These contests vary in scope ...

Dylan McGrath

Wearables Market Pivoting Fashionably
Dylan McGrath
Contrary to reports, the market for wearable electronics is far from dead.

Max Maxfield

Max’s Cool Beans
It's Raining Americans (Better Take an Umbrella)
Max Maxfield
I saw an interesting tidbit of trivia on the Scientific American website last year. The topic was Lucy, a female of the hominin species Australopithecus afarensis. ... Parts Search

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Max Maxfield

Want More Pi?
Max Maxfield
I don't know about you, but there are some things I find hard to stop doing, some ideas I find hard to stop mulling, and some thoughts I find hard to stop thinking (I used to be ...

Adam Carlson

The Heart of a Soldering Station
Adam Carlson
Recently, my current soldering station, which has served me well for many years, started to have issues with its heating element. Just as I started to look at my options of upgrading, ...

Max Maxfield

What Are the Best Engineer-Based T-Shirts?
Max Maxfield
A few days ago, for reasons unknown, my wife (Gina the Gorgeous) explicitly told me that I must not write a column saying that, as part of our New Year's Resolutions, we now get up at 5:30 ...

Max Maxfield

Book Review: Beautiful Minecraft by James Delaney
Max Maxfield
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Amazing as it may seem to many techno-geeks, there are still quite a few folks who either haven't heard of Minecraft, or who have heard the term, but aren't really cognizant as to what it ...