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UK plans for white-space radio by 2013

9/1/2011 02:09 PM EDT
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re: UK plans for white-space radio by 2013
Bert22306   9/1/2011 8:00:43 PM
Ofcom and the current FCC are similarly deluded, in my opinion. First off, Ofcom would be wiser to take their DAB band (the European version of digital radio) the heck out of the high VHF and L bands, and instead use a scheme like IBOC or the German DRM, to fit digital radio in the FM and AM bands. Alongside analog radio, for a transitional period. Secondly, there is no way anyone can claim that the FM band, and even what's left of the TV bands, provides a lot of useful spectrum for cellular designs. The very fact that these lower frequencies propagate far is what makes them UNSUITABLE for cells. Except in rural settings, perhaps, where cell densities are very low. These bands are most useful for broadcast, NOT for small cells in two-way wireless networks. Also, the entire FM band is 20 MHz wide, right? So the entire FM only provides for a single 3G channel, and only 1/5 of the channel width envisioned for 4G. The FCC is trying to yank an extra 100+ MHz away from TV broadcasters in the US. That will severely impact terrestrial TV broadcasting, and again, it will only offer one 4G channel, in what is not an ideal frequency range for cells. I see these as politically-motivated moves. To show that the government is "doing something."

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