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Sonics rolls GHz-class network-on-chip

9/20/2011 11:00 AM EDT
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re: Sonics rolls GHz-class network-on-chip
DrewW   9/20/2011 6:55:40 PM
Thanks Rick, it was good to catch up and chat about our SGN announcement and how we see the NoC evolving. I would like to clarify a couple points in your story: 1. All Sonics network products, since our SiliconBackplane in 1997, have supported concurrency in the form of individually flow controlled threads or virtual channels. To date, none of our competitors support this performance-critical capability. 2. The 64 initiator and 64 target limitation in our SonicsSX product is not a chip-level limitation. By cascading several instances, a recent customer completed an SoC with about 300 ports. 3. It is more accurate to call SGN our first "router-based" network (referring to how we accomplish switching and distance spanning), since our existing products have been "routed" (referring to how packet destinations are determined) since 2003. 4. In keeping things apples to apples with regards to market position and customer traction, it is worth noting that Sonics remains the world’s largest supplier of on-chip networks for advanced SoCs and that most of the Arteris customers you listed are actually licensing their TI-derived chip-to-chip interface, whereas Sonics has on-chip networks in production with 7 of the 10 largest semiconductor companies, who currently ship more than 1 million Sonics-enabled ICs daily.

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