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Ericsson outlines 10 hot consumer trends for 2013

12/19/2012 11:23 PM EST
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re: Ericsson outlines 10 hot consumer trends for 2013
Bert22306   12/20/2012 2:31:22 AM
I think the saying goes, "If you're a hammer, everything looks like a nail." Seems to apply here. Not that I disagree with much of what Ericsson suggests. However, it's hardly going to surprise anyone that smartphones, tablets, and social networking sites are a big deal, right? It's not an insightful "new trend" for 2013. It's a trend that has been evolving for decades. And naturally, companies that are or were heavily involved in mobile phones will see the world with that perspective. I found the business about women driving the trend interesting, though. Can't say I noticed any such gender gap, but I'll make sure to pay attention. What about some real predictions? Like, that hand-held gadgets will give way to more wearable or embedded electronics? That seems like a no-brainer. The actual trend, IMO, has been going on since at least WWII. It's called ever-more pervasive computing. Hand-held gadgets are nothing more than the most OBVIOUS manifestation of this trend, to the innocent bystander. But just as minicomputers were hardly the end of a trend, 30 years ago, hand-held gadgets are only a stepping stone. You can bet that people won't forever be hanging down their heads to peer at some smartphone or tablet.

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re: Ericsson outlines 10 hot consumer trends for 2013
chanj0   12/20/2012 10:08:23 PM
Smartphone and Tablet are no doubt continuous to be the primary focus of most computers' and mobile phones' makers in this decade. I will be very interested in knowing what else will be added to these devices to make it more useful given the unlimited possibility of apps. Today's morning, while I was driving to work, a talk on NPR mentioned about health care. This is also one of the trends which has started in 2011. I bet 2013 CES will have a lot more mature or half mature products out. Social networking movement will continue. Where will facebook go? Will it become one of the myspace's social network sites? UI will likely continue to evolve; better and more intuitive. On top of it, the business model of social networking will be tuned up. Speaking of social networking and mobile apps, general public is concern of security and spread of personal information. The article has mentioned a bit of it. I wish there are more in this area. Maybe, there will be more article in this area to come in 2013. ;) Merry X'mas!

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re: Ericsson outlines 10 hot consumer trends for 2013
Mickey.Taiwan   12/23/2012 4:03:23 AM
I, as an innocent bystander, do second quite a bit what Bert had said. You can bet, those wearable wireless self-charging internet mobile devices (iMD) will be the coming star in next decade or two. You may view and connect interactively what you are thinking of in your mind via the connectivity of a-/ß-brainwave's HMI (Human-Machine Interface) and most 3D Virtual-Reality projection gadgets.

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