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Modern automotive voice control offers HMI convenience with safety

3/28/2011 04:50 PM EDT
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re: Modern automotive voice control offers HMI convenience with safety
jcabetas   4/7/2011 12:08:06 PM
Anyway, there is quite a lot of room to improve: Feedback from the devices should be only speech based, and the orders should be given by natural language, and not just by mimic buttons that you should remember. I have a free hands device for my phone that makes dialing an almost not distracting job, although further conversations almost always distract attention from the road and, as majortom84 stated, should be avoided. As use of GPS is clearly more convenient and less distracting than conventional maps (for me at least), I think that GPS speech aided devices will improve and will became an standard. Other kind of devices (phones, sms, multimedia,..) has proved dangerous and probably its use will decline with time (hopefully)

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re: Modern automotive voice control offers HMI convenience with safety
majortom84   3/29/2011 5:20:51 PM
"Control ... without removing their hands from the wheel?" Do we still believe that is the problem with these gizmos? Our hands, not driver inattention? What does the research say about the accident rates of those drivers with the hands-free devices? I chose a navigation system with voice controls for exactly this reason, and I disabled the feature after one trip. It's not that the voice commands were difficult - in fact it allowed me to speak the name of any button on the screen - it is that making decisions and traversing the menus required too much of my attention and my eyes. I found looking at the screen for even one second out of ten - and then thinking about which button to press next - interfered with my sense of what was going on around me, and my ability to think ahead as I should. Of course it's possible (likely, really) I do not belong to the elite group who actually can multitask something as complex and important as driving, but then again that group doesn't include nearly as many idiots as that guy who just cut you off thinks it does. (Full disclosure: I have never had a relative or close friend hit by a distracted driver. Yet.) I'm sure I'm not the only one who remembers when being in your car meant you waited until you got where you were going to contact someone. Now, half of us don't even wait until a stop light to return a text; or won't sit one minute longer in a parking space to finish a call. It's going to get worse. So develop cool interactive technology in the automobile FOR THE PASSENGERS, or prove to me the next must-have electronic toy actually HELPS me do my #1 job behind the wheel. (speaking for myself, not my employer)

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