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Alfred P. Neves - WRT
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Re: Day 2: What Is a VNA & How Does It Work?
Alfred P. Neves - WRT   1/21/2014 12:58:04 PM
Copying obarrett back to the top of the list for AL to see.

My 2-port DUT has female N connectors, the two patch cables from my VNA ports and the 3 ports on my VNA calibration tee have N-Male connectors.  Doing my SOLT calibration, I install female-female barrels on the calibration tee, and use another barrel to join the patch cables for the Thru calibration.  Should I still enter the reference plane corrections into the VNA for best accuracy?


Answer:   There are 2 options, ignore the adapter if you do not need pristine return loss and can delal with delay, or do Adapter Characterization, another option is to simply include the connector in the calibration.

A 3rd option that works ok is to use simple Port Extension, where the adapters are often 50psec approx length.

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