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Max The Magnificent
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Re: Part V. Advanced Concepts & Future Trends
Max The Magnificent   12/14/2012 12:59:29 PM
@Dave: I take it sram fpga's are more susceptible that non-volatile programmable devives?

All FPGAs (actually any digital chip like an ASIC/SoC) has registers and memory cells tha tcan be affected by radiation (flip bits from 0 to 1 and vice versa) -- tyh ereason SRAM-based FPGAs are especially vunerable is that their confifuration cells can also be flipped.

There are ways aroudn thsi like using triple-more redundency (TMR) and detecting when a problem has occured and then using Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration (we talked about this yesterday) to reload that part of the device

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