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re: Commentary: Apple should clone the iPhone
dragun415   7/18/2008 8:17:40 AM
ROFL. Sounds like the same thing haters said about iPods. That every one wants alternatives, choices, variety. Guess they were wrong. Not saying you are. =P

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re: Commentary: Apple should clone the iPhone
Jon-Radiance   7/17/2008 2:44:20 PM
AMEN. I've been preaching the Apple-foot-shooting theory for years. Only time will tell, but I'd bet dollars-to-doughnuts apple will be paving the road for all the real players. They've got to learn that they can not go anywhere in the computing world until they open things up. The iPod is the one realm they'll hold for a long time - and that's not what I'd call computing! They need to just go ahead and shift their focus to hardware design, sans-computing.

Ace Deuce
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re: Commentary: Apple should clone the iPhone
Ace Deuce   7/16/2008 6:21:34 AM
First, change the word "hoards" to "hordes." Thanks. The Android platform, including the hardware brought to market to support it, will have to provide some kind of superiority in features, carrier support, reliability, and/or price to dominate the market for mobile computing. Apple is already doing a fair job with these and actually is shipping product and selling applications from a growing number of developers. What compelling feature could the Android ecosystem provide that the iPhone ecosystem wouldn't be able to match? What niche could it serve that Apple couldn't serve if it so desired? How is a base of one million developers any better than a base of 100,000 when most users won't need more than a hundred good applications? Apple just needs to continue to please its customers and always be profitable in its mobile computing business. Android may well become a strong competitor, but we need to see it well distributed and used before we can compare it to the others already being used by paying customers.

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re: Commentary: Apple should clone the iPhone
sgmsg   7/16/2008 3:40:59 AM
I dont agree. IBM gave artificial breath to Microsoft during his early age. That's the mean reason why Microsoft was growing that fast. Despite the fact that Apple is the second violin since 1985, they create twenty years later the best combo OS & hardware avalaible. Each quarter, the market share of Mac computer is growing faster. Microsoft's Vista can't fight Apple's Leopard. Apple have build a strong ecosystem. No company else can compete. What about the Iphone? I repeat this sentence all the time. Android gonna be for Google, Windows for Microsoft. Nokia rebought Symbian, to trying to compete equal to Apple. Today on a blog some says Google should buy Motorola to start at the same place. But I dont think is enough. Apple dominate the music with the duo Ipod-Itune. Apple strikes back with the duo Iphone-AppStore. Apple is cooking IHomeEntertainement-AppleTV II. Apple is also probably cooking Newton II-*(Appstore, Itune and/or AppleTV) I dont see Google neither Nokia, (forget Microsoft is playing wrong game with Yahoo) able to fight the "Apple mean machine". Of course Google have lot of money. so Apple can't "trôner sur ses lauriers". The near futur Apple should increase among of products specially phones, some rumors talk about real-keaybord-Iphone. That's a good idea to seduce businessmen, but is not enough. Interesting way seem Iphone-wifi cheaper, Iphone/pod-Home-"all-purpose-command"-domotic, with and important decrease of price for all the product to be reachable in emergent country. Apple has all the cards in their hands to get an easy win, let see if Apple is going to discard well.

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