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J. D.
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re: Notes from a recent engineering graduate
J. D.   12/15/2008 10:16:17 PM
Very Good State-of-the-Art, Hi-Tech Hiring Practice Perspective from other-side-of-the-Pond. Although i've only been in The Silicon Valley Business since 1976 ... How did Silicon Valley ever get started without "today's" Human Resources Management Perspective (and Look at Silicon Valley - now (?)). Although i don't have "The Sheepskins" of Mr. Gates and Mr. Jobs ... i'm wondering if i could survive "The Grilling" by their Human Resource Types to actually discuss The Job Opening with a Working Employee at Their Company(??). Hmmm. Suggestion: to save money ... let's take the "H" out of H.R.... As other non-H.R. & Corporate Types might know ... there's nothing "H" about H.R.

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