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Bob Lacovara
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re: Needed: A U.S. manufacturing renaissance
Bob Lacovara   1/4/2012 6:07:33 PM
What, in heaven's name, will a Democratic administration do to foster manufacturing in the US? Judging from its need to prop up failing GM and bolster the unions involved, manufacturing per se seems to be something that they deliberately do not understand. The US government, Dem or Republican, liberal or conservative, has no business promoting business. It's business is to ensure a healthy environment for business. That means the minimal amount of interference and regulation needed to keep monopolistic industries in check, and to curb flagrant violations of labor laws. Almost everything else can be handled by the bottom line. Black: good job. Red: try again. Government's record in promoting business isn't really impressive. Solyndra is only a recent example of the government "helping" a nascent industry. That's one way of describing the act of flushing a half billion dollars down the drain to help out their buddies while flogging a dead, green horse. Let's expect Congress to pass a budget, then worry about their good intentions towards business.

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