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re: Apple processors: Designed differently but here to stay
eewiz   2/20/2013 1:28:45 PM
Most new designs will have LTE modem integrated to an app processor. NVidia/Qcom/Marvel/STE/Renesas already have this. Intel/Mediatek/Samsung/BCOM will have in future. I am wondering what Apple will do since they dont have any LTE ip. Either they have to license from Qcomm/Intel and fab together with Ax CPU or buy any remaining 4G chip vendor(sequans?) and integrate with Ax chip, which I guess may not be easy. "Second, it will be interesting to see how the block count evolves going forward, with IP of the anobit or authentec acquisitions possibly showing up in future designs. " This is a real possibility. Guess they might be already on this one. "Finally, the big one: Will there be an Apple designed GPU? " Very unlikely "In fact, with the exception of Intel CPUs, it's one of the first custom laid out digital cores we’ve seen in years!" IINW QCom CPUs are partially custom designed too

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