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How to repair motherboard, mobile phone, XBOX and playstation
glichn   5/22/2012 9:57:25 AM
Rework station BGA500 of GLICHN, 3 temperature zones with chinese and english touching screen, 3 groups of temperature profiles can be show at the same time, 30 groups of temperature data can be stored. BGA,CSP, LGA( Land Grid Array), Micro SMD, MLF (Micro-Lead Frame ),BCC ( Bumped Chip Component ) and other chips can be deal. it is best equipment for PCB especially large PCB. More models like BGA510C which is with CCD camera and computer, BGA400, BGA310, BGA180D which is IR solder station; XBOX, motherboard and mobiles can be repaired using them, they are repair station and rework system; solder and desolder can be finished. On, more specification can be seen.

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