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Iphone5 Brings Bad Luck to Apple?
Lavender   5/16/2013 8:59:45 AM
Recently, Apple seems to be unfortunate of experiencing “it never rains but pours” from 2012, or exactly just before the release of Iphone5. But this kind of sadness pleases its rivals, such as Google, Samsung. Why I say iPhone5 is a wick to Apple Company? We can get the answer from the following facts. In October 2011, a year before iPhone5 goes to market, the innovation giant, the largest treasure of Apple-Steve Jobs died, leading into the unrest of Apple’s stock. During the same period of 2012, Apple launched the iPhone5, the recognized retrogression of iPhone 4S due to no significant upgrading in whether functionality or system. Despite the unparallel surging in market capitalization, which looks like a forecast of the last spring, after that, Apple suffering the ongoing dropping in stock market; iPhone5 falls short of expectation in market performance and sales, suffers serious blame for the paint-dropping…, Apple was surrounded by darkness. What’s worse, just days before, Chinese consumers find the different treat and after-sale service comparing with other markets; if deepening this problem, we can see it as a kind of discrimination. How could the god-consumer in the world’s largest cellphone market stand this insult? After all, 5000 yuan is not a little money for Chinese people. “Now that we have spent more than a month of salary for the latest iPhone, but you-Apple Company teases me like a monkey”, we can image how angry they are. Although, the CEO of Apple-Cook pastes the apology letter on its official websites, but we still can predict the possible result-loosing the support of Chinese iphone fans. Maybe, someone think that I extend the consequence, but the once well-known Sony handset gives me some proof because of the same situation. And just in the same year of iPhone5’ introduction, increasing companies roll out cheaper-than-iPad Tablet PC, having an impact to the price of tablet and Apple’s market shares; coupled with Samsung’s neck-to-neck competition, I really wonder whether the kingdom of Apple are moving toward decline? Not superstitious as I am, all the above facts are linked with iPhone5, I can’t stop thinking the connection. Yes, the difficulty beleaguering Apple may be, or we can it is just a kind of coincidence, or the necessary challenge before the next progress, but first let us leave aside the dispute, what really capture me is that is there still time for Apple to experiencing the intermediate falling-down in today’s society where technology sees continuous and jumping development, consumers show changeable and wayward flavor. What’s your opinion?

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