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David Ashton
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New Look
David Ashton   7/1/2013 6:19:32 PM
The new site LOOKS nice.....but......

1. If you press the "Comment" button below an article you don't actually get to comment.  You have to click "Post Message" on an existing comment.  Not very intuitive.  Almost as bad as Microsoft's "Start" button when you want to Stop....

2. The comments default to Newest First.  If you want to follow threads you have to click Threaded View.  Newest first may be good for the author to see if there are any new comments, but it can lead to one comment being far from the comment it replies to, and consequently making no sense at all until you click Threaded View.  Can't Threaded View be the default?  Could this be a personal preference setting?  It's driven me scatty on All Programmable which already has it, now it's gonna drive me scatty here....

3. EELife - one of the most popular parts of the site I think - has been relegated to a box way down the page.  Can't we have an EELife tab at the top like we had before?

4. The July Caption Comp was up for a couple of days, now there is no reference to it and no way to get to it?

5. The new Comment format is fine for most things, but with the Caption Comp the comments tend to get lost in the noise, they dont stand out like they used to.  And you have to keep clicking for the next page, you can't just scroll down like you used to.

End of rant...I've tried to be constructive here and give reasons for my dislikes...and I really do like the new look in the main.  The above are the few things that "Spoil the ship for a hap'orth of tar"....could you comment Patrick??

Oh and I'm David Ashton....I seem to have acquired a new alias, I couldn't change it when I tried, will try again now.


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Re: Welcome to the new EETimes.com!
docdivakar   7/1/2013 5:04:09 PM
It would be nice to keep the article (under which one comments!) above the text box while commenting. It is a small inconvenience but I can live with it!

Overall, the new design is an excellent improvement over the old one. As many commented above, it is a matter of time before every one is used to it and forget the old one!

MP Divakar

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Re: Your new design
EVVJSK   7/1/2013 4:55:31 PM
Having trouble figuring out how to make a new comment, so I thought I would just reply.

Where is the "EE Life" at now? I went to Home, searched the entire page for "Life", and found 4 references to "lifecycle" but none for Life. As a technical person, I like the technical articles, but one of the things I like best is reading how others are integrating technology (jobs, new tech, tech for kids, etc...) into their lives. Hope there is still room for EE life in the new redesigned EE Times !

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Another thing....
mhrackin   7/1/2013 4:51:44 PM
I do like the "cleaner, simpler" format/content of the e-mail newsletter.  I would like to add a caution, however: I may be an avid recycler, with a compost heap large enough for my 200 SF vegetable garden, but I can really do without the habit (shared by other publications as well) of sprinkling the DAILY e-mails with links to (relatively speaking) ancient content!  Most days, the links include at most one or two NEW items, with a couple more from the past week or so.  This I can understand; you don't have the resources to put out a full-fledged daily, but links to topical stuff from 18 months ago (or worse) are  a waste of electrons!  It gets worse when the link text doesn't give much info about the story it points to, so I OFTEN click on a link only to quickly realize I'd already read (and remember) this one.

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Re: New design -- Engineering - Working towards implementing a specification
Jack.L   7/1/2013 1:44:10 PM
Generally the goal in engineering is to implement a specification, however vague that may be. In this case, that specification was communicated as:

"Our goal was to bring the thoughts and comments of our remarkably insightful EE Times community to the front and center of our home page and in every article."

Have you accomplished this? Certainly where comments are concerned I would say that is a resounding no. Comments are now completey "flat". The ability appears to be lost to tell what is a reply to what short of reading small details. The width of the comments are also very narrow. With dark text on a fairly dark grey background, not ideal for reading.

As has been pointed out, the fixed width is also perhaps suitable to tablets, but most EEs tend to be gadget oriented with high resolution screns.

The overall layout appears cleaner which is good and I think I will be able to find things easier.

Top banner as has been pointed out is huge!

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R3ct1f13r   7/1/2013 12:32:34 PM
I don't understand the point of the change if it's going to look worse than before! Where did you put the Design How-To articles?! 

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Re: New design
mcgrathdylan   7/1/2013 10:55:44 AM
Thanks for your comment, We are pretty happy with the design and the look and feel. We will continue to refine the site as we go. We very much appreciate the feedback.

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Re: New design
patrick.mannion   6/30/2013 11:39:11 PM
I have to agree wtih you, Phononscattering, that header is wayyyy out of proportion to the rest of the page and I'm eager to see adjusted [shrunk] too. All in good time. Lots more to work on as well, as with any new site.

Anything else strike you as odd? Feedback much appreciated.



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Re: Your new design
patrick.mannion   6/30/2013 11:35:09 PM
I'm already finding the site 'sticky, Bert22306. I was alerted to your comment by email here in the middle of the Yucatan Peninsula on the way to Merida! Of course, I have to respond:)

I agree with you that big changes like those made with this launch can actually be a bit of a pain for the community at first; people miss their regular sections. So, we don't take such massive overhaul's such as this lightly, but long-term it's for the better; there is so much more that be accomplished via true interactivity and conversation.

Like I allude to in the article, it's essential to be a part of the discussion, or you don't reap the benefits, or worse yet, you're simply left 'out in the cold' by those who are engaged.

The home page is always interesting: only so much can be shown, so we think it's pretty important to show your comments first, up top. That's really one of the main points of the new site: you, and the community at large, come first.

There are lots of adjustments, tweaks, updates over the next few months, so please keep the feedback coming. All sites are a 'work in progress', particularly when the community asks for what it needs. Thanks Bert22306! P.

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Your new design
Bert22306   6/30/2013 7:26:28 PM
As an example of what I'm going to point out, I entirely missed this article. The only reason I found it was the large reader comment on the new EET home page.

I'm fully aware that most of the time, unexcepted change becomes a nuisance only because people have to get used to the new layout. However there are still reasonable criteria that can and should be applied when making changes. As far as I've been able to notice, in the last two major redesigns of EE Times online, the home page has shown less and less content. I'm okay with just showing "News and Analysis" and "Opinion" on the home page, I suppose, but it's gotten to where there are only a few items showing on each column. Easy way to miss things, unless we are glued to EE Times?

One imporvement I did notice is in clicking "more." In the past, click "more" and you're thrown into some amalgamation of topics with absolutely no correlation to the column you were previously looking at. This appears to have been remedied. I hope.

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