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Alfred P. Neves - WRT
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Alfred P. Neves - WRT   7/23/2013 12:32:57 PM
A start up company is very roughly based on a 5 year cycle based on capitalization, time to patent products, development cycles, introduction of new product families, market and brand awareness, forming a cohesive team, etc.,

Typically, a venture, angel, or boostrapped finance of the start up is expected to be returned in approx 5 years.    So, your suggesting that after 5 years a new companies patent portfolio is open turf, just when they are getting significant traction, possibly emerging from start up?   

Our industry does have something very significant for helping other companies, it is called the technical conference, such as DesignCon, EMC, SI University, EDC, EPEP, etc.,    Maybe it work if we created a big fire in the parking lot of the Santa Clara Convention Center for DesignCon next year?


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