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river Linking Project
gregario   9/30/2013 5:23:34 AM
Government of India should, as a special case waive off the penal implications for domestic reinvestment of that black money which at present may be stashed in Swiss Banks, for investment in top of the line projects like the Freight ccorridor, as well as  the river linking project, which in times to come would enable India not only to measure up to its BRICS rival China, but also to surpass it!.

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Re: The essential issue is too weak foundation in India
Etmax   8/14/2013 10:44:13 AM
As long as the Indian government can afford to research and build nuclear weapons, they can never claim to not have enough money for more important things. I remember taking my pocket money to school as a child for donations to reduce starvation in India, I would hope that starvation was more important than bombs

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Re: The essential issue is too weak foundation in India
WKetel   8/12/2013 10:15:36 PM
I agree with your message but while it is true it is also quite harsh. I was hoping to be a bit more gentle.

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The essential issue is too weak foundation in India
zhgreader   8/11/2013 9:53:31 PM
India is too poor to have enough money for their fundamental industrial construction.

India has a complete education system but no relative industry system. they may pay more militry equipment, but pay less on civil engineering and daily projects like description in the article.

they intend to follow abstruse tiltle in the world, but look down up the real problem. they may enjoy serving for usa, but not for their own people.

on the point they should learn from Japan who pay more attention to ordinary engineering to make happy to their people.

China is also a sample, more engineers deal with enginering concern about basic utilization.

to be frank, basic reaserch is not as easy as imagine in our mind. most of them are very abstruse. such as earthquik etc.

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Re: Technical changes versus social changes
stippu   8/11/2013 9:16:32 AM
Yes, you are absolutely right - the guys on the ground who do the actual collection of data have to slog while those who analyse it are doing it in air-conditioned labs. The whole problem that I see here is that there is no one agency that is reponsible for data collection and if there is a govt or private agency, it is reluctant to share this data because it feels it has done the hard work ( like you say, got its hands tired and dirty) and prefers to wait or should I say hoard the data for no apparent reason.


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Technical changes versus social changes
WKetel   8/10/2013 9:12:49 PM
It is certainly a lot more fun, and much cleaner work, to play around with high performance computers. One can do that and never even get their hands dirty. But linking rivers is hard and dirty work and those who would be doing the actual work are certainly not those who play with computers all day. Besides all of that, if you have seen the photo posted with the caption: "And THIS is the country that we call for tech support?" It shows an absolute rat-nest of wires hung on utility poles with no organization or planning evident at all.

So what it gets down to is that none of those brilliant computer people are in any way going to be doing any river linking projects. It does not work that way.

Susan Rambo
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Noone is an island, but ....
Susan Rambo   8/8/2013 5:03:53 PM
Fascinating tale of contradictions.  But India isn't alone.  The United States spends trillions and trillions on spying on their citizens but we don't want to build a comprehensive voting system!!  Noone is an island but part of the universe ... I guess.

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Re: Response to article
stippu   8/8/2013 12:28:50 PM
Am sure there are several innovations that come up pertaining to social changes but somewhere along the line, the government and its related agencies should be more pro-active and help them expand. There is this other company called Selco which had also come up with solar lanterns - making a big difference to a number of rural households in India.

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Response to article
JenCooke   8/8/2013 11:21:50 AM
Premier Farnell recently launched a tech project that leads to social change.  Our engineers developed a solar lantern for a remote village in Tanzania to replace their traditional kerosine lamps.  The solar lanterns are more cost effective, more reliable and better for the environment.  More details can be found here 

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Nine Eagles Solo Pro(318 A) 180D RC Helicopter
maxt0706   8/8/2013 2:30:42 AM
We are glad to tell you after over one year research, Nine eagles finally released their amazing 3D helicopter Solo Pro 180D (318A), which is even smaller and lighter than Gaui EP200.It comes with flybarless system, 3 axis gyro, brushless motor and tail drive. Try it and you will be impressed by what this little machine can handle.

Making a flybarless CP Helicopter is not easy, it involves a lot of high technology, for example the Flybarless Rotor head requires a very sensitive 3-Axis Gyro, the micro servos and micro brushless the Nine Eagles has done it again, The solo pro 180 is a palm size Collective Pitch Flybarless Helicopter. suitable for intermediate to expert players,able to perform real 3D aerobatics. Thanks to the Flybarless Collective Pitch Rotor Head, it changes blade pitch according to your throttle input, so it's very agile for outdoor flying. which no other Fixed pitch heli can compare.

The on broad 3-Axis Gyro performs very well, since the it is a flybarless rotor head (with no flybar,heli will very unstable), the 3-Axis Gyro compensates the heli drifting problem, and stable the heli like it has a Flybar, it work like a charm! Besides, the high power Bruthless Motor, gives the heli high RPM on the rotor head, this also helps to stabilize the helicopter in mid air. And one best features is that the Solo Pro 180 uses a lot of ABC plastic, like the landing skid, the rotor head and the main blades...this gives the heli extra durability, so you have one thing less worry about repairing. We recommend the Solo Pro 180 for those who have experience in Single Rotor Heli, when you have zero crash on those single rotor helis, you should be no problem playing the Solo Pro 180.

Brand Nine Eagles 
Remote Control 2.4Ghz 4CH Remote Control 
Channal 6CH 
Material EPO 
Length 360mm 
Battery 3.7V 680mAh Li-Po 
Compatibility Indoor, Outdoor 
Age Range 14+ 
Frequency 2.4Ghz 
Charging time 30mins 
Run time per charge 9 minutes 
Flying Weight 105g 
Main Rotor Diameter 318mm 
Power brushless motor 
Weight 2,550.00g 

Highlights of this product:

1.Micro type, can fly either indoor or outdoor.
2.Steady in flight and flexible in action.
3.High-effect tail shaft driving design, effectively promoting the dynamic performance during the flight.

4.No aileron rotating head, simple structure, easy for maintenance.
5.specially made engineering plastic main rotor and tail rotor, unique in the impact resisting.
6.Outward brushless motor drive, strong in the power, making your flight at your will.
7.Triaxial no aileron control system, Fully automatic in correcting the flight attitude, giving you a better control feel.

8.Standard remote control system of 2.4GHz, stable signal, strong in the interference resistance.
9.Nine Eagle's patent for transferring the transmitter easily from Mode 1 to Mode 2,making your communication with people of the same hobby more convenient.

You package includes(get this info. from
1×2.4GHz Remote controller
1×3.7V 680mAh Li-Po battery(Flight time 6-7minutes)
1×battery charger
1× Screw Driver
1×Instruction Manual Parts Search

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