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rick merritt
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rick merritt   11/13/2013 11:08:29 AM
I agree there's a snarl in multicore development but many chips, OSes and tools TK to untangle it.

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AMD has designed Linux drivers for HSA
Kinnar   11/13/2013 1:27:35 PM
Since AMD is supporting HSA with Linux drivers, it will be more easier to get it supported over Android, Crome OS and iOS as the architecture of these OSs is somewhat similar.

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other companies plans
KenLuskin   11/13/2013 5:58:55 PM
>>>"During a "Founder's Panel" Tuesday, while no one except AMD committed to a ship date for HSA products (the standard is still not entirely baked), MediaTek's Chien Ping Lu did aver that eventually all its processors would be HSA-compliant."<<<

-Roger Kay


Qualcomm, TI, Samsung are prohibited from leaking their architecture plans, but the EFFICIENCY of HSA and status of these companies as founders, leads to a basic connect the dots conclusion.

HSA is the future of computing!

The longer Intel and Nvidia stick to their proprietary architectures, the longer the climb out of the hole they are digging....

Which is providing AMD and its partners with a significant head start in building silicon for the NEXT ERA of COMPUTING.

Natural User interfaces favor HSA compliant architectures


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When is NOW!
KenLuskin   11/13/2013 6:27:03 PM
>>>"So HSA promises real advantages for developers of SoCs and apps -- and for AMD if it can deliver the features in a way that leapfrogs Intel and Nvidia offerings. As with so many issues in electronics, it comes down to a question of when."<<<



Sony PS4 is being delivered on Friday!

Kaveri desktop systems  will be delivered  in a couple months.

HSA enabled chips for servers and the cloud will be delivered by mid year 2014.


For some reason the author is implying that nothing much is happening now..

Which is totally wrong.






rick merritt
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Re: When is LATER
rick merritt   11/14/2013 8:00:17 PM
I've been to a lot of dev cons and app developers like to hear about millions of devices they can target today with thier app on a new iPhone or Android phone. Not tens of thousands of notebooks and desktops they can target starting in about six months.

The app developer hears the AMD message this week and says, wake me up in 2015.

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Re: When is LATER....WRONG.. WHEN is NOW!
KenLuskin   11/15/2013 12:26:36 AM
The SONY PS4 has some  HSA architecture.

The SONY PS4 ALREADY has NUMEROUS DEVELOPERS writing software in the form of video games.

The SONY PS4 is forecast by SONY to SELL 5 MILLION units between TODAY andMarch 31.


SONY was invited to and gave a presentation at APU13,  that is WHY I know they are using some HSA innovations.


MSFT Xbox One has a similar chip as the PS4,  and so it makes sense that it too has some HSA architecture.

If so,  then  DOUBLE the expected HSA sales over the next few months.


The VIDEO GAME software industry produced over $ 25 BILLION in revenue this year.

ALMOST EVERY NEW TITLE will be written to run on the Sony PS4 or the Xbox One


Maybe you should INVESTIGATE some more before bragging to us about your App experince.







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Re: When is LATER....WRONG! WHEN is NOW!!!
KenLuskin   11/15/2013 1:10:27 AM
Rick,  When you talk about developers, you think about guys writing Apps for mobile devices... right?


They are writing software.


How about the people writing software called video games?


Most of the little shops writing Apps are barely surviving.


Now look at the  Video game software industry.....  over $25 BILLION $$ in revenues, with a number of public companies.


The hardware that you know about for the mainstream  video game industry is created around the products produced by AMD!

90% of the $25 Billion is from console and PC video games, only 10% comes from Angry Birds type games.


So, it is true that App developers may not be writing programs for the HSA innovations yet, but that is only part of a discucssion of whether  DEVELOPERS are writing prorgrams for HSA innovations.

People writing software are DEVELOPERS!


The Video game software community is VERY interested in AMD's products.







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Re: When is LATER....WRONG! WHEN is NOW!!!
Sheetal.Pandey   11/15/2013 1:55:07 PM
Developers are also hardware engineers wo work to make footprint smaller.

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PS 4 sold 1 MILLION UNITS on the first day! HSA POWERED
KenLuskin   11/19/2013 2:19:43 PM



Not surprisingly, the PS4 (Fig. 1) is foremost a gaming console but it is a lot like a PC (see Where Has My PC Gone? It's Gone Gaming). It is a rather compact and stylish PC that is powered by a custom SoC (system-on-chip) from AMD that supports AMD's Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA). HSA is also supported by the new AMD Kaveri Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) designed for PCs (see Unified Heterogeneous Computing Arrives).

HSA incorporates the heterogeneous uniform memory access (hUMA) support as well as hQ (heterogeneous queueing). CPU and GPU share the same virtual memory address space courtesy of hUMA. The hQ support allows threads to initiate GPU tasks directly.

As with existing and future APUs, the CPU and GPU share main memory. In this case it is GDDR5. For the standard APUs, it is DDR3 or DDR4 depending on the chip. The Kaveri is the first non-gaming version that has the HSA support that allows the CPU and GPU to share the virtual memory as well. This simplifies CPU/GPU application integration.


To Rick Merritt,   MSFT is using a similar chip.

Does 10 million units sold over the next few months, and  40 MILLION UNITS sold over the next year, qualify to attact "developers"?

Clearly the $25 Billion/year video game industry is supporting the new consoles from Sony and MSFT.

Therefore, they will be supporting HSA innovations. 

So, the road is NOT long!

HSA is here today!

HSA will be supported by ALL the developers who create software for the massive video game industry.







Caleb Kraft
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Re: When is LATER....WRONG.. WHEN is NOW!
Caleb Kraft   11/19/2013 3:29:17 PM
it is difficult to pinpoint where the excitement is because "developer" means so many different things. Yeah, casual mobile app developers couldn't care less about the hardware because it is so diverse and rapidly changing.

RTOS developers have a slightly different view, and gaming devs have yet another. There's just so much variation out there.

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