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Re: Reaganomics
anon9303122   4/16/2014 11:31:25 AM
To quote a beloved liberal, "A rising tide raises all boats."

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Re: The overpaid CEO
RB3200   4/16/2014 11:29:43 AM
A quick calculation with the provided numbers appears to indicate that the average (or is it minimum?) wage in Switzerland is about 3x what it is in the USA.

So significantly raising the average (and minimum) wage in the USA seems like a necessary first step to reign in the huge and often obscene differences in this country.

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Re: The overpaid CEO
anon9303122   4/16/2014 11:29:19 AM
You mean the same kinds of rules and regulations that are tanking many of the EU economies (Germany excepted)?

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selinz   3/24/2014 2:02:57 PM
I'm curious what determined the 1:12. If you assume that $10wage represents the lowest wage, then ~$120/HR or roughly $240K/year would be th cap. I assume this does not include bonuses? Interesting thought but I'm sure there would be many CEO's who wouldn't like it.

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Re: The overpaid CEO
JanineLove   3/19/2014 1:50:26 PM
>>there are very few CEOs that wants to make less money...and if you have characetristics like this in you that probably disqualifies you as CEO ;-)<<

I agree with that. Some of the smartest, efficient people I know who always had the good of the company in mind never made it past middle management. It's similar to politics, I think, the people you really want in office will never run.

Reverse Engineer
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Re: it is not about fairness
Reverse Engineer   2/17/2014 9:24:54 PM
Absurd CEO compensation via stock to "align" management interests with supposed shareholder interests got a huge boost from the equally lame concept of "maximizing shareholder value", which is also finally getting some overdue scrutiny:


Susan Rambo
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Re: Greedy CEOs
Susan Rambo   2/17/2014 9:14:10 PM
Thanks. I love the quote at the beginning of the article:

It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on not understanding it.

Upton Sinclair

Reverse Engineer
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Re: Greedy CEOs
Reverse Engineer   2/17/2014 8:48:06 PM
Finally, some business academics are seeing how this is damaging the economy:


Particularly interesing is how excessive share based compensation is undermining good corporate governance, generating bubbles, and contributing to the inequality that hampers our economy.

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betajet   2/16/2014 8:38:25 PM
I'll give you my explanation, which explains why the explosion occurred.  In one word: Reaganomics, which is based on the Trickle-Down (on) Theory.  The theory is that if you make the richest people even richer, they'll have more money to spend and that will provide more money for everybody else.  The problem is that if you give money to people who have so much that they can't spend what they already have, they're not going to spend more.  They'll just add it to the big vault and swim in it like Uncle Scrooge McDuck.

If you give ordinary people 10% more money, they'll be able to afford to eat in restaurants more often -- say an extra once a week.  This creates restaurant jobs, and the people with those jobs have more money to spend on other things like haircuts and cars, and before long all boats rise with the tide.

If you give people with tons of money 100% more money, they'll be able to afford to eat a fancy dinner in a fancy restaurant every five minutes.  But of course they can't, so the money goes in the big vault (fancy a swim?) and people end up unemployed.

Justification?  Because they can.


Reverse Engineer
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Re: beyond the CEO
Reverse Engineer   2/16/2014 7:01:18 PM
I've yet to hear a credible explanation justifying why the USA CEO/worker ratio has exploded by 10x since the 1960s, with most of that since 1990, or why they are paid about 2x more than their foreign counterparts.  Are contemporary CEOs 10x more talented than their predecessors?  Are American CEOs so superior to European or Asian ones?  Is running a company 10x harder than 50 years ago?  Foreign companies don't seem to have trouble finding capable CEOs at much lower pay levels.

There is more than basic fairness at stake.  Like excessive risk taking, empire building and general short term orientation to increase stock prices, no matter what.  When you read studies stating that between 66% to 75% of mergers and acquisitions fail to pay off, or that diversifying beyond core business so often ends in disaster, just how "efficient" is business, really?  When I see vast sums squandered on acquisitions neglected into oblivion, or white elephant projects that go nowhere, no wonder worker pay has stagnated.

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