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Re: Krzanich Confirms Intel Overestimated PC Chip Demand
michigan0   1/26/2014 6:53:26 PM

You seem to know a lot about TSMC 16nm and Intel 14nm. 

What I wrote about TSMC 16nm and Intel 14nm FinFET 

technology developments are quoted from the papers 

presented at IEDM and VLSI conferences that I attended, 

and published at EE Times  and Solid State Technology by 

Intel and TSMC.


"Intel 14nm is fine......., Intel is ramping in production NOW".

Rearly NOW? Why Intel CEO Krzanich has not announced

such a big event? Because no 14nm is in production today, 

and Intel will be the first. Instead, he announced Intel 

newest Fab 42 that was built solely to manufacture 14nm is

cancelled, and several thousands of Fab workforce

is cut. Obviously you are wrong.


Look at the Google aerial view of the giant Intel newest 

Fab 42, Chandler, Arizona. It is awesome looking buildings

bigger than a football stadium. It is imaginable such giant 

modern Fab 42 is closed.

Sang Kim

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Re: Krzanich Confirms Intel Overestimated PC Chip Demand
Gondalf   1/23/2014 5:55:50 PM
Obviously you are wrong, TSMC 16nm virtually do not exists like high volume process, TSMC has not a single production line on it. I can't see something of exciting in TSMC roadmap. 20nm is very late and able to produce only slow FPGA and modems; the process is so so and only in one version. Many customers are skipping it waiting for better choices. The very first 20nm Qualcomm SOC will born in volume in early 2015. No news about GPUs on this process in 2014, no news about AMD cpus on this process in 2014. Intel 14nm is fine and you know better than me the roadmap, Intel is ramping in production NOW. About TSMC 16nm my bet is end 2015/early 2016 for fast SOCs for Tablets and said many times TSMC boss last months.

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Krzanich Confirms Intel Overestimated PC Chip Demand
michigan0   1/23/2014 4:18:38 PM

Sang Kim

The main reason why Intel is closing its newest Fab 42 for 

14nm FinFET production is not because of Intel's 

overestimation of PC chip demand as announced by CEO

Brian Krzanick.The real reason in my opinion is 

manufacturability of 14nm FinFET processing. Intel's 

14nm FinFETs were scheduled to be in volume

manufactured at Fab 42 in the fourth quarter of 2013 but

delayed to the first quarter of 2014. Now Intel says its 

newest Fab 42 that was built solely to manufacture 14nm

FinFETs is closed, and several thousands of Fab 

workforces are cut. Its implications are huge because the

14nm FinFET is Intel's leading edge device to compete 

with ARM based server processors and Qualcom's

Snapdragon chips in mobile and tablet market. Intel is no

longer ahead of manufacturing advanced technology node

beyond 22nm FinFET. TSMC is a big winner because TSMC 

is the only semiconductor company in high volume 

manufacturing 16nm FinFETs today in the fourth quarter of

2013 ahead of Intel, and will go ahead to manufacture 

10nm FinFET technology. I very doubt Intel spokesman's

claim that "Intel was able to continue to use its existing 

buildings for 14nm".    

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Re: SSDs affected
resistion   1/21/2014 11:39:36 AM
Ultrabooks were supposed to be the new wave of PC demand, with SSDs along for the ride, but this never happened apparently.

Intel 14 nm Cherry Trail later this year if things go as planned.

zewde yeraswork
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Re: SSDs affected
zewde yeraswork   1/21/2014 9:49:58 AM
What exactly is the impact of this on the SSD market? How does Intel's admission reflect on its plans in 14nm in parti cular and in the microprocessor market in general?

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SSDs affected
resistion   1/20/2014 11:25:32 PM
This also affects the SSD market seriously.

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D1x Mod2, 450mm, F42
m00nshine   1/19/2014 6:23:23 PM
a possible scenario is skipping 14nmproduction in new fab all together. 14nm just in retrofit existing fab due to low demand for both 14nm and the 22nm they will be produced with. So 10nm comes to F42 at 450mm after setup of D1X Mod2 is possible. It could be major way for cost savings making 10nm on 450mm. Maybe Intel could actuall compete on wafer cost base if GF, TSMC and Samsung still makibg 14nm/10nm on 300mm. Just theory, but good strategy to procees D1X Mod2 even now with F42 use delay.

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Re: Is Ireland still on the table for 14nm?
86987623   1/19/2014 7:46:07 AM


You said in an earlier comment that Ireland is not getting 14 nm. Intel came out yesterday and said there will be no job losses in Ireland. 


Ireland is on the roadmap for 14 nm. With every post you spout more rubbish. Intel doesn't need to preserve jobs in the US first, it needs to firstly make money and for tax purposes, doing business in Ireland is in their best interest.

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Re: Is Ireland still on the table for 14nm?
Gondalf   1/19/2014 5:32:01 AM
Intel is an Usa Company, so needs to preserve Usa emplojees first. Israeli teams are very strategic, so ireland will become irrelevant. Fab 28 wil be updated at some point. Ireland site seems useless in the long term...unfortunately

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Re: What's disturbing about this
KB3001   1/19/2014 4:44:49 AM
They are going the IBM route IMO.

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