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Olin College
jgrig   2/26/2014 12:55:49 PM
Olin is a relatively new school (a little over 10 years old).  I am surprised that you mention that it is near Boston College, and not the fact that it is right next door to Babson College (where they can also take courses).  Wesleyan University is not located anywhere near Olin.  I think you meant to say Wellesly College, which is a couple of miles away and also lets Olin students take courses.

I also wish you had mentioned something about the Olin Scholarship which is very generous.

No, I didn't go there.

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Re: Tuition
seaEE   2/25/2014 10:39:11 PM
Here is an interesting article in the NY Times that I saw the other day titled:

How to Get a Job at Google


Read the linked article.  The senior VP of people operations for Google makes an interesting comment: ""when you look at people who don't go to school and make their way in the world, those are exceptional human beings. And we should do everything we can to find those people." Too many colleges, he added, "don't deliver on what they promise. You generate a ton of debt, you don't learn the most useful things for your life. It's [just] an extended adolescence."

Some of the things Google is lookinig for: do you have a sense of humility and of ownership.  Do you know when to step forward, and when also to step back?

Kevin Neilson
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Re: Tuition
Kevin Neilson   2/25/2014 6:40:40 PM
Yes, of course the money is worth less, but the tuition at Rose (and all these schools) has grown much much faster than inflation. At least I know that Rose probably isn't squandering it on sports. (There are no sports scholarships, in any case.) And they can't really use the excuse that they need lots of high-tech equipment, because that was the case when I was there too, and computers and lab equipment cost a lot more then than it does now. Scopes and computers are all much cheaper.

Susan Rambo
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Re: Tuition
Susan Rambo   2/25/2014 4:11:33 PM
@anon8464524: "I don't see why it should cost so much more now to teach differential equations or Kirchoff's Law than it did then."

Good point. It's the money that's worth less? Regarding supply and demand for engineers: I think you are saying is supply is now high because it's a global workforce. (I know this is way off in another century, but after the Black Death in Europe, skilled workers could demand and get more money for a while because supply was low.) So supply and demand is like water finding the lowest point and settling there.

Susan Rambo
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Re: Engineering degrees
Susan Rambo   2/25/2014 4:03:15 PM
Hi Sheetal. So you're saying in the US kids aren't pressured by parents to become engineers, but they do it for the love it? Maybe you're right. I know kids are pressured in the US to become doctors or lawyers.

Kevin Neilson
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Kevin Neilson   2/25/2014 2:48:40 PM
Rose Poly (aka Rose Hulman) was a great school.  The profs were chosen for their ability to teach and I never had a TA, even for a lab.  Nor did I ever have a multiple-choice test.  But holy smokes:  the current tuition is out of control (as it is for all of these schools).  Two-thirds of EE undergraduate instruction is the same as it was in 1970, so I don't see why it should cost so much more now to teach differential equations or Kirchoff's Law than it did then.

I have to protest the assertion in the article that there are more jobs than engineers.  In a free market, supply and demand are the same, excluding some friction.  There are no unfilled positions.  There are only inadequate offers.  Anybody--anybody--who wants to hire X engineers immediately can do so.  Any company or manager or orchard owner who says he can't hire enough people is incorrect.

Companies like to say they can't hire enough engineers even if they offer market rates.  This is such an illogical statement.  The definition of the market rate is the rate which you must pay to fill the position.  If you can't fill the position, then by definition you aren't offering a market rate. 

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Engineering degrees
Sheetal.Pandey   2/25/2014 12:56:04 AM
Well I would say in US kids are given choice to make their career and when there is choice kids would like to pursue different careers not just engineering. And also the population as such of US is lesser. In countries like India parents put too much pressure on kids to take up only engineering and medicine so that they can show to their peers that their kids are doing good in studies. And population is also higher here. Imagine how many engineers would come in. And then many people in India have one dream to settle in US somehow so that their life become easy. They apply for H1 and go there.

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