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Re: Valentine's day has passed - end the LASER love
Wnderer   2/26/2014 10:52:04 AM
I don't know. A laser may mean a more directed beam with more light shining onto the road and less light shining into other drivers eyes.

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Re: Valentine's day has passed - end the LASER love
junko.yoshida   2/26/2014 9:35:37 AM
@GeniusEE, I do agree with you on idiots who drive with their highbeams on all the time.

Unless we find a way to restrain them, yeah, you are right, laser headlights might be hazardous on the U.S. highways.

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Re: Why not use infra-red
junko.yoshida   2/26/2014 9:32:29 AM
Yes, prabhakar. A lot of carmakers are working on Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), and that includes not just infra red but other vision technology (night vision included) to spot objects on the road and warn drivers. 

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Why not use infra-red
prabhakar_deosthali   2/26/2014 7:04:28 AM
In my opinion , instead of working on having brighter headlights which many times create blinding visison for the drivers coming from opposite side, or the drivers of the cars just ahead of you,  we should explore ways of using infra red sensors and the display screens to show the objects on the road , by the curbside , in front and behind to give a surround view .

Are there any automotive companies working on this concept?

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Valentine's day has passed - end the LASER love
GeniusEE   2/26/2014 6:28:23 AM
5 seconds of visibility ahead at night. at 60MPH is about 450 feet. Enough time to process and hit the brakes to stop in about 200 feet. This is why your high beams in the USA have a throw of 500 feet.

A car takes a much longer distance to stop at 150MPH autobahn speeds and you cover 1100 feet in 5 seconds. Add a couple of hundred extra feet for stopping distance (kinetic energy is 6x) and you need a 1500 foot headlamp.

If you're on a US interstate, holding up traffic in the left lane at 50MPH (those are the people who drive with their highbeams on all the time), a LASER headlamp makes ZERO sense. In fact, 1500 foot beams should be proactively BANNED in the US, even if it is "cool"and carries bragging rights or a large big-money snobbery coefficient..

You're all supposed to be engineers. Get the stars out of your eyes and do the math. A LASER headlamp is nothing short of dumb on US highways and poses a significantly higher safety risk versus the zero benefit of the technology.

Be responsible,analytic, technolgers - call for a ban before people get killed by it.

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Re: Laser Light in high beam!!
junko.yoshida   2/25/2014 10:11:18 PM
Actually, BMW is not the only one going with laser.

Audi is also stepping things up a notch with laser light headlamps. They made a big deal out of this, by offering a blinding laser show at Audi's press conference during CES earlier this year...

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Multipurpose headlamps?
Bert22306   2/25/2014 5:40:53 PM
Amazing. Like I told my wife, shopping for light bulbs has suddenly become a lot of fun! (She scoffs. !!)

Anyway, laser light is very much like RF. Nice, coherent beams, over which you can send data, for example. Just as you would when modulating an RF carrier.

The other nice thing, laser light doesn't scatter like incoherent light. So in addition to being a handy V2V communications channel, it also becomes an awesome weapon for those prone to road rage. Just flip a switch and you vaporize the car in front of you.

I actually want a laser in the rear lights as well, to vaporize those who follow me with their high beams on.

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Re: Laser Light in high beam!!
vlsi_guy   2/25/2014 12:41:20 PM
Lasers, awesome! Now add some machine guns and other Jame's Bond like equipment and no one will match me in my road rage fueled commute to/from work.


What's that, lasers aren't for shooting, just head lights, etc.


Never mind :-(


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Re: Laser Light in high beam!!
Sheetal.Pandey   2/25/2014 12:06:06 PM
Good car choice to show laser light revolution. BMW cars are awesome.

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Laser Light in high beam!!
Sanjib.A   2/25/2014 11:45:05 AM
"...the high beams from the laser module provide the maximum range possible, giving drivers greater night time visibility..."

In in the current road traffic conditions, can't imagine a car coming from the opposite direction with high beam laser headlights!! Since the luminance is high, would it not be more distractive for the cars on the other side of the road travelling to the opposite direction?

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