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alex_m1   6/3/2014 6:46:48 AM
Another reason they reframe this as a service , is that a service will require much less cars for a given market , since they are shared,  And much less maintnence ,because fleets are much better optimized towrads maintence than single cars, and much less care can be given on usual bullshit car branding , because people don't own those.

This makes  google's service much less profitable in the eyes of car companies, and not a good fit with their current business model.

All this is to make it hard for car companies to change and comepte efficiently with google.

Ah, and did i forget google owns a part of UBER - the highly sucsessful taxi ordering startup - which will probably be the distribution channel of car services in the future ?

What can i say - it's always fun to watch strategies by google - because they play so well.


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Re: start slow...
Bert22306   6/2/2014 4:47:03 PM
Looking like a dork is well put, but I think the reasons for the Segway "failing" to meet the hype are even more fundamental. The Segway is merely a slightly faster way of moving than walking. Ever so slightly. It suffers from the same shortcomings as walking: too slow to move long enough distances in a reasonable amount of time, can only carry as much stuff as you can carry on yourself, and you're at the mercy of the elements. So, why all the hype?

On the other hand, this automous car won't have all of those shortcomings, but my sense is, it's still overhyped. The bigger advantages of autonomous cars won't materialize until they are made to drive on roads with NO human drivers at the wheel. That's when you'll see big gains in efficient use of the roadway, including closer distances between cars and much higher average speeds.

Until such a time, autonomous cars will be much like Segways vs walking. Not that interesting. IMO.

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Google’s New Car to Change Self-Driving Debate
TFCSD   6/1/2014 1:57:37 AM
Sweet, I need one to replace my 91 Spirit I have had since college. Question, how does one carry the occasional  mattress, oven, helium cylinder, metal storage shed kit, sofa, lawn mower, 10' conduit, 8' 2X4, tent poles, screen door, 50" LCD TV, or dozens of other items that can fit in or on my sedan? And no, I do not want a Google truck.

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Re: re-framing
robert131415   5/30/2014 11:31:29 AM
Anyone remember the JonnyCabs featured in a futuristic Bruce Willis Movie, they have almost arrived!


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Re: start slow...
kfield   5/30/2014 10:53:09 AM
@moshannon I immediately thought of the Segway when I saw the Google video. I agree with Paul Graham's analysis of why Segway failed, people didn't want to be seen looking like a dork.

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Can any Self-Driving Car solve this real world problem?
bpaddock   5/30/2014 10:47:43 AM
I once almost had a accident on Interstate 80, in a construction zone.

Somehow a car that was over packed pulled from between some construction equipment, in front of me.

This driver could not see out any window but right in front of him, and he was pulling *across* the interstate traffic, not going with the flow. He could not see out the passenger window, that was facing me, he did not know I was there.

He shot out from between the construction equipment about twenty feet in front of me, while I was doing 45 MPH, remember it was a construction zone.

The correct solutions to the problem was to floor the gas, so that I could get in front of him while there was still space, and get off on the right hand brim of the road.

Applying the brakes would have guaranteed that a crash happened in that situation, there was not enough space between the two of us to stop.

When do you think a 'Smart Car' will be able handle this scenario?  Then I will buy one.


Bob Snyder
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Re: start slow...
Bob Snyder   5/30/2014 12:49:17 AM
It is possible that, after all of the technical hurdles are overcome, the vehicles might not be widely adopted. The Segway was expected to revolutionize the way people ambulate, but it has failed to garner widespread appeal.

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Re: start slow...
wilber_xbox   5/29/2014 1:28:26 PM
@MWagner_MA, i think that your suggestion for Google partnering with amusement parks, large malls etc where people get to see the self-driving car at work and where there is lower risks for accident can help google generate the right momentum for this project.

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Re: Right direction
elizabethsimon   5/29/2014 11:24:22 AM
@betajet Los Angeles has come a long way since Who Framed Roger Rabbit was released in 1988.

Compared to 1988, almost anything would be an improvement. It does look like a decent system to get to/from downtown LA but as usual for transit systems, it lacks when trying to get from one suburb to another. The transit system in the SF bay area had the same probelm when I lived there. It was entirely oriented to commuting to/from downtown San Francisco. Industrial parks in outlying areas were not as well served. I think where I worked there was one bus in the AM and one in the PM. Fortunately the nearest BART station had bicycle lockers and it was reasonably flat so I was able to make it work.


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start slow...
MWagner_MA   5/29/2014 7:23:23 AM
With Google behind it, I don't think the concept will die quietly.  If they are smart, they will start slow, in a area where the max speeds are slow enough that a malfunction will not immediately result in a fatality.  Watch for someone like Disney to partner with them for transports around their facilities.  If they can get a decade under their belt without hurting anyone, the next step (private road travel) may be within grasp.

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