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Thanks again to Will, Tim and Jordan for taking the time to chat! 

Yes, thanks for joining us. That was fascintating. Good bye all!


haha On that note, thanks everyone for the interesting conversation. It's been fascinating and we've touched on a lot of future use cases, needs, and  trends. 

Beware the yellow peril!


So maybe we'll be having this conversation again in 2016?

Jessica, as soon as MediaTek gets its LTE platform shipping, Xiaomi will quickly follow.


How far away is that from happening WIll? 

I think the iPhone is ok for at least the next few years. But, I said that about Windows a Mobile 10 years ago....

Apple's biggest problem will be with fast-growing Xiaomi, after they get their LTE act together.

I don't belive the revenue from auto integration is all that big. But, it is an important extension of the ecosystem. We spend a lot of time in our cars with the phone we already bought.

Android has always been more problematic because of the platform's fragmentations issues. It's getting better but there is still a lot of QA that goes into testing on the Android platform. We work with over 60 devices when we test app on Android versus several devices on iOS. 

Someone mentioned a headset with a tablet. I've been wanting that, why hasn't anyone done that yet?


We're coming close to the end of the chat and should wrap things up. Any final thoughts about Apple/the iPhone's place in the world? 

No, not anytime soon. As the market eventually shifts to more wearables, then you'll see a decline in the overall smart phone sales / iphone based mproduct. We're still a few years away from that happening. 

And what about CarPlay, it seems the manufacturees are slowing down their adoption, is that true for Android, is this another area where Apple will only get the high end?

Jordan, are you more concerned about the various iPhone screen sizes, or those of Android?

Jordan, do you see the iPhone becoming less relevant, and if so, why?


One of the more immediate concerns is supporting the new screen sizes. Going back and remaking assets can be a pain sometimes. App compatbility should be fine with iOS8 as we've been running it on our devices sine the Spring. 

Wireless charging presents a logistic problem.  Do you need a charging pad in your car, home and office?


I agree with Bajarin, Apple+Nike has a profitable sound to it.

So Jordan, what are your biggest concerns going forward in developing apps for Apple iPhone: what's your wish list?

My point was that health is a bigger business than fitness....

Apple's long time habits of charging outragious prices for commodity items such as memory and add-on's along with game playing in artificially outdating accessories such as cables and then charging 20 to 20 time the manufacturing costs will someday catch up with them, probably sooner than later. It is not debatable that they are enormiously profitable, it is tjust the way they do it that turns people off.


What about wireless charging? Apple is rumored to use magnetic induction, which I think is the wrong direction. 

Peter, that was unkind.

I guess one problem is that health affects all of us, but few of us are "fit"

Yes, NFC has been proposed in the health & fitness connections.


MediaTek has an NFC chip that can work with three kinds of comms - what's Qualcomm doing?

I think it's a logical next step Will. I think you'd agree, right?

Nike dropping out is an arguement for fitness being a fad that wasn't going to grow fast enough for a company that big.

I wonder, too, if health might be more of an accessories market. 

Jessica, do you think Apple will incorporate NFC in the 6?


The health angle is a good sell, if Apple can own it better than competition.

I agree with Tim, and it is hard to see how the low-end devices are going to threaten things like the health ecosystem...

So why did Nike kill its fitness electronics business?


Ya Apple is perceived as being less Evil for now (though some Android users will always see Apple as Evil). That can certainly change with any privacy TOS changes of course. Those types of issues typically set people off. 

That's a helluva claim, talk about staying relevant...

Perhaps that's one way Apple can make a big stand in the Chinese and burgeoning markets - or places where healthcare is hard to come by. 

I agree with Bajarin, fitness could be a fad (or not), but health is something everybody wants more of.

I don't have numbers, but with Firefox smartphones at $50, one has to worry.


Thanks, Jordan. I could see people leaving Google/Samsung just to get away from you think Apple could play off of being "less evil" than Samsung and easier to control your content from getting out to the larger world. Meaning for people seeking more privacy, does Apple provide any measures that might be a selling point?


I think the real question, then, is about strategy. Is it safe to assume that there will always be early adopters and tech savvy, status conscious folks who want an iPhone when there are cheaper, perhaps technically better, devices out there? 

Tim, maybe you can expand a bit on what you see as Apple's roadmap for health? I'm curious about the hardware expected in 6 and what else needs to be added/taken away for the company to succeed in this market. 

Any thoughts on those numbers, Will? How will that play out? 

I guess we all agree that the iPhone is still relevant....

Jessica...the trickle-down will be especially important in China and India.


Will - will the consumer see the trickle-down from that price cut?

Smartphnes have 3 major cost devices: the modem, apps processor and screen.  Qualcomm has announced a pending 10% price cut and they're in all iPhones.


Yes Apple does have a very large fanbase that will continue to buy into their platforms. With Apple's push into "Continuity" , they're trying to provide natural crossovers from platform to platform. Start something on one screen and easily jump to another. They're thinking abour practical features that consumers will use on a daily basis. 

Apple tries to introduce new ways on how to utilize their platform, which then developers can take advantage of. Their eco-system will continue to grow as long as Apple provides the infastructure and tools sets for developers to innovate. 

Yes, macinlew, Apple does need the larger screen sizes to stay relevant, but I wonder if they are going to keep selling the small screens too--some people like a phone that easily fits in their pocket!

I think as those price consious markets grow and develop a higher end segment, Apple will take that higher end there too.


So health will be the driver in Apple's success long term? 

Nokia used to sell more phones than anyone else. Where are they now?

The price of an iPhone puts it out of reach for many (in India, China, Latin America...). Microsoft will sell its Lumia phones for around $160 and Firefox is discussing a $25 phone.  Where does Apple fit in in a growing market where price matters?

Does Apple need a larger screen to stay relevant?


Super fast processors are mostly great for games, since LTE-A has an upper limit on transmission speed.


So will the competition come down to the ecosystem and what ecosytem customers buy into, along with what screen size works best for each person?  Will Apple have an eco system that beat out the Google/Samsung industrial complex? Maybe not...But that doesn't matter as long as Apple just builds its own converts and keeps them happy. This means app developers will make the difference eventually. Right, Jordan?


What about India, same as China?


Like super fast processors and large screens

High end features like Excel?


As long time and almost exclusive Apple customer, I've recently switched from an iPad to the Surface Pro 3 and I love it! I think Tim Cooks recent comment that it's a bump and will improve is worth discussing why he thinks that.


That brings up another point, Tim - the smartphone market in China. All these specs are great, but what about that market's trend toward offering high-end features at a low price? 

Except Apple tablets get a bad fixit score from iFixit. They're not meant to last....battery dies, you can't replace it.


That's why PCs are now like microwaves.  You have one that works.


Agreed, but why not something else, why phablets?


Obviously, there's no proof that bigger phones directly affect tablet sales, but tablet sales are softening for a reason.


Susan, I've wondered that too. Why not just make a fancy Bluetooth earpiece to go with your tablet rather than make a giant phone to hold to your head?

willaz, why do you think that is what's affecting tablet sales?


Colin, you should buy NXP shares.


Tablet sales are already being affected by bigger smartphones.


3 great questions in a row!

I agree ith Bajarin too. I recently heard that Apple is beefing up the M7 sensor hub to deal with more medical type sensors, and it cutting deals with Mayo Clinic and the like.

So in order to accommodate a larger screen, more memory, more processing power, Apple must be making some serious hardware upgrades. How does this compare to other handsets?

What would have to happen for the iPhone to no longer be relevant besides the obvious, market share, profitability, and innovation?


So when does iPad not become necessary...will there always be a need for iPad versus iPhone. I'm guessing yes, because screen size does make a difference depending on the situation.


That depends on the app that's running. The most obvious type of app that would gain a performance bump would be games. We build a number of games for iOS and Android. The biggest problem is optimizing performance with the current amount of memory. We do our best to patch for memory leaks but additional ram will certainly help. We are already pushing the limits of the device. 

So what features should the iPhone 6 have in home automation and fitness to give Apple traction with its HomeKit and HealthKit initiatives?


I totally agree with Bajarin


Sprint recently gave me an iPhone 5s with no contract--they must be thinking everybody will want the big screen. 

Jordan- is there a sweet spot that developers see as necessary re: memory?

Since Apple introduced 64-bit processor architecture, developers haven't been able to really take advantage of it. The processor is meant to help support larger amounts of memory, so right now it's under utilized with the limited current memory on the device. It's expected with the new iPhone 6, that it will bump up memory which will help more demand apps run better on the device. 

But a big screen is easier to use.


I heard Apple may release an ultra large iPad next year, I guess there is a demand. Maybe that tablet could have a Sapphire screen? 

I had Gorilla glass in my last phone and a drop from 12 inches to a ceramic floor totally shattered it.


Hey, big screens are all the rage now.  They'll be easier to break and will eat a lot more battery.


Will- that's an interesting point. Is the screen that important anyway?

In previous interviews with EE Times, Jordan said that the switch to the A8 processor will give the iPhone 6 a 30 to 50 percent speed bump, and that internal memory also increase to 2 Gbytes. What sort of advantage will this give over competing handsets, if any?

I doubt that a sapphire screen will be in the next iPhone.  The plant that makes them is here in Mesa AZ and I've seen no flurry of activity there.


Yes there are a lot of announcements going on in early to mid September including ones from Samsung and LG

Bajarin, long time fan of yours, keep up the great work. You say short term no, but what about long term?


With skyrocketing profits in mind - Tim, which aspects of the rumors around the i6 release are you most excited about or interested in?

Yes, Samsung has been a threat to Apple over the years even though as of lately Samsung's growth in smart phones has been slowing. 

I see everybody's face, but I didn't get Macinlew question.



I've heard that the announcement would conflict with a few other professional conferences. Is there any there there?

Typically Apple hold's their announcements around the same time each year. Usually there's a theme to each of them etc. music themed etc.


Anyone, Apples share of market is generally considered to be the most profitable. Does anyone see a threat to that part of the market from anyone?


Good question, Macinlew. Jordan?


While we're getting Will set up, I'm curious if any of you see any importance behind the timing of Apple's expected announcement? 

I see no chat box...just Most Recent Comments box.



Hello everyone. Jordan, are the updates for your apps taking advantage of any extensions. I see that as the single biggest improvement in iOS 8.


Will, are you set to go with the chat box?

Hi Jordan and Tim, thanks for joining us!

Hi Will, can you see the chat box yet?


Hi Will, this is the chat box.


Hi Will, It should be right above the list of comments. Try refreshing your page (mine got stuck for a second too). 

Do we have a chat box?  Will


And Jordan Edelson -  founder and CEO of New York City's Appetizer Mobile, one of the top 10 mobile app developers. Appetizer Mobile develops apps for others who put their names on them and has been working to update its library of more than 150 client apps for iOS-8.


Hi Jessica. Are any of our guests logged in yet?


Will Strauss,  president and principal analyst of market watcher Forward Concepts, based in Tempe, Ariz. Will is an authority on digital signal processing market trends. 

We have Tim Bajarin  - president of Creative Strategies Inc in Campbell, California. Tim is a leading industry consultant/analyst, covering personal computers, consumer technology, adoption cycles and usage models.

Hi all – thanks for joining the chat. We have a few analysts and industry experts on the line to discuss Apple's relevance in the handset market.

Our live chat about iPhone6 will begin in 5 minutes. Join us as we talk with industry analysts and a mobile app developer about iPhone's relevancy in the wake of cheaper, possiblly more versatile phones.


Is the iPhone still relevant? Don't miss our live chat today at 10 am Pacific/1pm Eastern. Click here to join. We'll be joined by.

  • Will Strauss, president of market watcher Forward Concepts
  • Jordan Edelson, founder and CEO of Appetizer Mobile, one of the top 10 mobile app developers
  • Tim Bajarin, president of technology consulting firm Creative Strategies

Join EE Times and mobile phone analysts for a live chat to answer the question: Is the iPhone6 still relevant. Live Chat is Wednesday Aug. 27, 2014 at 10AM Pacfici, 1PM Eastern.

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