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Max The Magnificent
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Re: Remember capitalism?
Max The Magnificent   9/6/2014 2:55:42 PM
@ccorbj: ...some marketing and marketeers are actually pretty damn good at what they do and we need them as much as they need us...

I agree -- when I was just out of university, I thought we engineers where all that was required -- but after working with professionals in sales and marketing I realise it's more like a three-legged stool -- with engineering, marketing, and sales as the legs ... each one needs the other two...

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Remember capitalism?
ccorbj   9/6/2014 2:41:29 PM
I used to believe in the "all marketing is good for is hype" idea, until I started to realize that some marketing and marketeers are actually pretty damn good at what they do and we need them as much as they need us. If they can create a concept and the technology is do-able and people can make money building for the IoT, then I am pretty darn sure that one way or another it is going to happen.

You may remember that similar nay-saying dogged the early days of the cloud and the personal computer - history has not been kind to those prognosticators. Whether or not you and I can imagine useful solutions is frankly irrelevant. There are lots of smart people out there who will come up with interesting ideas - some junk certainly but also ideas with lasting value. We can choose to join them or sit on the sidelines throwing rocks or join in making this real. I know where I'm going to be.

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BinaryJudy   8/28/2014 6:15:37 PM
First off the IoT is pretty much already here, that's why everyone is talking about it. It doesn't matter if there is some set of standards or a specific protocol yet. Those things will fall into place as the IoT progresses. I'm sure some council or committee will eventually get to together and make it happen once the time arises. We all know in order for the IoT to be a reality there has to be some standards. But for now we have IP cameras, lighting applications, thermostats, door locks, and so on that are controlled via the internet or some wireless protocol and most have an app for your phone. The whole point of IoT isn't so you can sit on some served out web page and look at all your data and be alerted of your fridge temperature. It's so things can happen automatically without you knowing or even caring. The fridge temperature corrects itself, the fridge orders you more milk when it's low, your lights and thermostat are set when you walk in the door, your alarm clock goes off and the blinds open up on the window then the shower comes on after a delay, etc. The applications are endless and your imagination can go wild. That's the hype. To someday have a house, appliances, and devices that do that and much more. The data could be analyzed automatically and things could be auto-adjusted for optimizations and energy savings. That is the future, IoT is slowly happening.
Secondly, I find it so funny when people talk about the security aspects of IoT. Every time I hear or read something like "The danger is significant. If I can read sensor data in your house, I might well be able to know that despite the lights being on, the TV playing, and the car in the driveway, there is nobody home. And equally frightening, I might be able to issue commands to the various connected devices." it makes me laugh. If you have all those things and they are interconnected then you probably have a sophisticated security system on your house as well. Furthermore, a robber or whoever doesn't need to read sensor data to figure out you're not home. More than likely these IoT things will be connected to your WLAN. So the intruder would have to gain access to that first. How many people do you know that can hack into someone's wireless network? "Issue commands" to those devices? Really? Maybe if we are talking about 12 year old hackers playing around. Oh, I'm so frightened, you want to turn my TV off or blink my lights? I could equally find the source of the commands and game over. My point is no one is going to care if those things are possible. After it's done a couple of times, no one will do it anymore. I'm sure the security will be stepped up in any likely event. Security is an issue but it's one that could easily be overcome. How secure was Bluetooth when it first came out? Remember when it first came out and you could "hack" into someone's phone and get all their pictures and contacts? How secure is your ISP modem and router? Security is an issue everywhere but it gets better over time. Who is going to spend all that time to gain access to your network, intercept, and decrypt messages to hack into your TV? If you have the technical expertise and knowledge to do all those things then you should be robbing a bank not someone's smart home.

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re: The Internet of Overhyped Things
docdivakar   8/28/2014 4:46:38 PM
@prabhakar_deosthali I agree with most of your points. IoT does not make sense for many use cases. When marketing leads the way in product innovation, this is often the outcome!

How ever, I am divided on the need for IoT in homes. There are definitely use cases where it makes sense to have control of lighitng, appliances and HVAC by remote monitoring for energy savings.

MP Divakar

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Have one very good application for IoT, finally !
Navelpluis   8/28/2014 1:40:29 PM
Finally, finally I was able to get something in my mind, I thought useful for IoT:

I have an old slotcar racing track. It is as old as I am, from the 60's. The brand is Jouef, quite unique for that time. Vintage stuff, you get my point. Look at this link:

So I was thinking to provide permanent voltage to the track and then -with IoT- control the racing car power. Brilliant, huh?  ;-)

That was the *only* realistic and valid application I could think of for domestic use. The rest I saw was soooo trivial and boring: Man on earth are never going to use IoT for that. For example: Cheaper hardware and simpler protocols are quite capable to measure my meat tempco burning on my closed barbeque. You don't need IoT for that, as you don't need it for most other things...

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Woman ?
tangey   8/28/2014 5:44:50 AM
"Belive me woman dont want to go to kitchen to see if the cooking is done..what receipe to be made.."


Please tell me you meant to say "people" and not "woman" LOL !

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Re: Hype indeed
Sheetal.Pandey   8/28/2014 2:43:07 AM
Whenever something new is going to come in the industry.. a well planned hype is that people and communities start talking about it both positive and negative comments are analysed..surveys are is collected studied and then action is taken..IoT is going to be there. ANd it is the future of technology. It also shows we are getting too much busy to have time for just anything..Belive me woman dont want to go to kitchen to see if the cooking is done..what receipe to be made...whether enough groceries are my fridge running out of supplies...if our appliances can do these things on their own...we beteer spend more time with our kids listening to their stories or just relax on your own...

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prabhakar_deosthali   8/28/2014 2:03:11 AM
The example of the Fire sensor on IOT -  can be managed by a simple LED display on your door to alert that there is a fire alarm ! why you need an IOT application for such simple things, to hog the internet bandwidth and the cloud storage?

For IOT we have to think about applications which are currently out of reach of the available technologies! 

The hazardous working areas , the extreme temperature zones , security monitoring of unmanned fields where IOT sensors could generate data that can be remotely collected, analysed and acted upon.


IOT is surely not for homes but will have good applications in commercial and military environments

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IoT - A Buzz Word
chanj0   8/28/2014 1:33:21 AM
IoT has officially become a buzz word. Almost everybody is talking about it. No doubt, everything and anything can be IoT. Question is whether it makes sense. A lot of application doesn't really need to be IoT. If it makes sense to be and if it is not already doing do, it can be done easily without IPv4/ IPv6. On the other hands, I believe there is value, for example, to put temperature, smoke detector and CO sensor to be IoT. It is because, for example, you will learn whether there is any fire hazard at home before you enter your home.

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Hype indeed
Bert22306   8/27/2014 5:46:50 PM
Good to see someone mentioning the hype quotient in IoT. I agree that the security aspects are important but won't be show stoppers, I don't think that even use of IPv4 would be a show stopper (we're all using NATs at home these days), but I think that the hype is misplaced because IoT at some level will happen gradually anyway. As it has been. The misplaced hype has to do with thinking there must be some single, overarching architecture, single set of protocols, that requires the fatherly wisdom and guidance of NIST.

Most of the ideas bandied about for applications of IoT are probably silly. Who the h*ll wants a refrigerator to tell them the temperature is too high, while they're away and can't do anything about it? Doesn't it make more sense for the refrigerator to lower the temperature on its own? And so on.

On the other hand, just a couple of examples, you can already control your PVR remotely, if that's such a big deal. Devices such as printers, connected over the Internet, have existed for decades. Or, if you must know the temperature in every room, and feed it to a tablet or smartphone, surely that's not so hard to do, for a manufacturer of thermometers? Individual manufacturers of any gadget can decide to offer Internet connectivity, without making a huge big deal of it. If they need to supply the new user with an "app," or with drivers to load onto laptops, what's the problem with that? Parts Search

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What are the engineering and design challenges in creating successful IoT devices? These devices are usually small, resource-constrained electronics designed to sense, collect, send, and/or interpret data. Some of the devices need to be smart enough to act upon data in real time, 24/7. Specifically the guests will discuss sensors, security, and lessons from IoT deployments.

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