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Dim witted marketing
JamesM951   12/31/2016 1:36:15 AM
The lawyer fees would have been more than sufficient to fund some 3rd party programmer to write an open source script translator to translate Synopsis command scripts into atoptech's commands. Then Synopsis wouldn't have a target to sue. 

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Re: Silver lining...
pramodsabnis   12/29/2016 7:57:54 AM
Issue is in beating the learning curve in learning newer commands. In that, due to the sheer number of years Synopsys has been present in this domain, their commands are mimiced by tools. If they are not, engineers end up writing post-processing procs that mimic the function. This is like a wrapper.

Not sure what Synopsys wants to get to in this injunction.

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Silver lining...
John.Mcdaddy   12/23/2016 8:20:16 PM
It's pretty shameful that using the same command names and options results in a lawsuit, not to mention a win. The command you type itself is hardly 'ip' - especially as many commands from synnopsys tools are not well structured and have grown organically over the years. The only reason aprisa uses a similar syntax is for ease of use on the customer. It's right up there with the slide to unlock iphone patent. Its anti-competitive for synopsys to sue over this, but i guess they felt threathened by aprisa's performance vs icc (similar qor but much faster run time). Well lets hope this unshackles aprisa to come up with a superior / better thought out and structured command interface to their place and route engine. It may be a silver lining in the end. Anyone looking at vivado's timing reports and interface can see that not copying synopsys completely frees you up to implement things in an even better way.

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