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Drone Detection: Dependent on Compliance
DakLak   1/18/2017 4:48:32 PM
I am employed in the non-aligned military industry, read non-NATO, and we take an active interest in many fields of military endeavor including drones and robotics.

Presently both American and Israeli UAVs use non-ISM/WiFi radio channels. along with encryuption, and the Achilles' heal remains communications. Only the larger devices are able to carry navigation systems independent of GPS.

The Aaronia device is also dependent upon the mobile object emitting signals. Many drones are not interactive, or passive, saving their payload for use upon their return to their base. 

Our research included participation in events organised by entities such as the Fighting Robots Association, technically observing police activities involving robots, etc.

Presently the US military uses broadband RF jamming but this technology is easily circumvented using multi-mode signalling such as optical communications.

The American War in VietNam proved that high-tech can be beaten, further demonstrated by the fact the current US battle tank, Abrams tank, can be taken out by an oil drum with a concave end as winessed on November 27, 2004, December 25, 2005 and June 4, 2006, etc. 

Still, the military seemingly will buy almost anything ubtil they find it is less than satisfactory.


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Broken Link?
PCC_Frank   1/5/2017 3:03:11 PM
How about checking that the link to Planet Analog works? I cannot find "the rest of the story" on PA from the link. Thanks.

Susan Rambo
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Re: Noisy?
Susan Rambo   1/3/2017 11:23:17 PM
What kind of regulation do you foresee growing out of the "noisy" drone in eveyone's garage. Maybe the drone hobby won't catch on that much with the average joe.

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perl_geek   1/2/2017 6:44:36 PM
Assuming we're dealing with quadcopters here, (Predators being a different proposition altogether), I would expect they're going to be astonishingly noisy in RF. 4 cheap electric motors and a bunch of Mhz electronics are going to be shouting all over the spectrum, aren't they? Then there are any control signals and telemetry going either way

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Define Drone
RadioGraybeard   1/2/2017 6:09:18 PM
A drone can be anything from an under $500 RC hobby toy to a military UAV with the wingspan of a Boeing 757.  I think the problems of looking for them vary with the size and complexity of the drone.

It's not like the low end, mostly-plastic drones can't inflict harm.  All of them need to be tracked.


Don Herres
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Needed now in Syria and Iraq
Don Herres   1/2/2017 5:01:53 PM
ISIL (Islamic State) is using low cost commercial drones in the urban warfare.  The market is there and, if you save someone from being killed, not too price sensitive.

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Drone Detection
CalcFan   12/31/2016 7:06:53 PM
Great reporting on a subject of interest to everyone.  I always wonder whenever pricing is omitted - it MUST be VERY expensive.  Is a system in the $10K, $50K or $100K range?  Thanks.


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