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Re: Obama to Urge Protection for Chip Industry
ubm112211   1/4/2017 6:44:44 AM

US's top priority is protect it's shoe and shirt industry.


what happen if the chinese stop ship all these to us one day.

We will all have no shoes to wear!!!

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Re: Obama to Urge Protection for Chip Industry
aikijw   1/4/2017 2:09:09 AM
If there were some kind of prize for complete incoherence, I suspect you'd land it... Maybe you could... Make a point?   Use the return key a little less violently?  Stop posting altogether?

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Re: Obama to Urge Protection for Chip Industry
aikijw   1/4/2017 2:07:18 AM
1) No "parts for military" (assuming you are talking about critical systems) are imported to the US, for use by the US Military, from China.  I'm sure we import napkins, for example, from China... Maybe doorstops...  Those little rubber cable managers...  You have no idea what you're talking about.

2) Please detail the "preferential treatments" that you think China gets (or got)... Again... Based on my understanding, you are completely unencumbered by clue here... 

2) Trump isn't, unfortunately, going to fix anything.  He's going to make a bloody huge mess of a large number of things.  We'll see...

3) Please detail the 140 dB of grave errors committed by "Obama".  Maybe just a few?  From where I sit you're just another nearly illiterate bozo that listens to what your <insert blowhard family member> told you to think about our current sitting administration.  

I've read a few of your previous posts...  Opinions in a vacuum... They just suck...


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Re: Can't see the forest for the trees
aikijw   1/4/2017 1:58:29 AM
Your reply, rather disturbingly, lacks any actual grasp of the current situation the US semiconductor industry finds itself in...  Furthermore, you seem to lack a fundamental grasp of the actual factors that have "fueled" Chinese expansion over the last few decades...  Yes... There is competition in the US market...  Someone has to lose.  Your ridiculous view that "losers will side with the enemy" is both naive and, well, baseless...  Your assertion that US salaries are "bloated" is also unfounded and ridiculous.  The US is still the most productive nation on the planet.  <- That's a period... 

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Can't see the forest for the trees
harpat   1/3/2017 6:24:49 PM
Global trade and offshoring have fueled China's expansion as it did for other Asian countries. With all the money they earn, they can buy all the technology they wan't and if they cannot buy it they can develope it on their own. In the US the competetion ensures there will be losers who will side with the enemy. Often the technology they sell is in par with the best though may have lost due to marketing reasons. Even if it is slightly below par, China has to make only minimal contribution to bring it up to par. Then there are non US companies that may sell the technology. 

Philosophically, what difference does it make if China acquires the top silicon technology. We have lost all advanced hardware manufacturing like TVs, cameras, displays, memory. It all started with importing shoes and shirts because of bloated American and western wages enabling the eastern tigers to move up the food chain. Our uncontrolled affinity for frivolous gadgets will ensure their upward movement.


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Re: Obama to Urge Protection for Chip Industry
jasiojasiojasio   1/3/2017 5:29:03 PM
Obama' policies were dangerous to USA. China was getting preferential treatments, even parts for military were imported from China. 

Trump seems to be put end for this insanity.

Besides there is so called free exchange of scientific R&D and one does not need to be a spy to get valuable new technological info. Hacking today is very effective and I bet Intel is constantly hacked by China. 

China is enemy of USA, Russia too. 

Blocking some small unimportant sale of company by Obama is te 1/100000000000000 fraction of other grave errors he did.

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Obama to Urge Protection for Chip Industry
ritzke   1/3/2017 5:14:49 PM
Really (?).

"an industry that is considered critical to U.S. national security." ... Huh ?????

Wow ... a Nice Change

regarding Washington D.C. trade / "business plan (???)" policy - Finally (?)

As a Chip Industry Worker ...

Since the Silicon Valley Days when Silicon Valley actually manufactured Silicon (Products),

Washington D.c. and U.S. Chamber of Commerce Policy goal was ...

for Years, Decades ...  ... to Out-Source / Ship Everything Overseas.

(backed by Washington D.C. - Corporate Tax Credits)

(to Ship U.S. Jobs and U.S. Manufacturing InferStructure Overseas.)


If U.S. Miltary Industrial Complex needed any next generation "Silicon Products"

for Next Generation Military-whatever  ... just buy from "our friends" Overseas

where U.S. Manufacturing was sent (???) or get counterfeit Silicon Products.


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