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Traditional Versus Web-Based Company Logos

Abhyanker makes a salient point about one of the main differences between traditional and web logo design. "The web is constantly changing — and at a much faster rate than the brick and mortar world ever has. When you think of websites from early 2000, they look nothing like the web that we know and experience today.

"This means that the web is constantly being redesigned. Finding a logo that can still be relevant (or not feel outdated) in a matter of years, or even months, when we don't even know what the web will feel like, seems to be a bit more of a challenge."

Cass on the other hand, says that other than budgets and timelines, "There really shouldn't be any difference. The process and fundamental principles of 'good' logo design should always stay the same."

As a longtime logo designer, Smith notes that print logo design used to be the bigger challenge. "Now, he says, "with the sheer variety of desktop and mobile devices, platforms and products, designing a logo or icon for the web generally presents more of a challenge."

In other words, logos need to work for multiple apps, icons, avatars, favicons and other branded collateral — and of course, traditional print business cards, as well.

And don't think that the color issues of print design are behind you. "Like traditional print," Smith warns, "color can easily go awry on the web. Color calibration and profile generation across devices and software can leave many people dizzy, and the ensuing results can look pretty awful. As you would need to ensure that your print-based logo reproduces well in CMYK color, you need to ensure that your web-based logo will resize and adapt to various screen sizes and resolutions with color consistency. Creating icons for the complete range of Apple devices is almost a science and quotable job in itself if you are not used to it."

Chime In & Stay Tuned

We'll have more from these logo design experts in the weeks to come, but in the meantime, we'd love to get your feedback in the comments. Designers, how would you have answered the questions we posed to the panel this week?

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