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I think of myself as Gentleman Dilettante of electronics.
Some others consider me to be an menial Idiot Savant.
So that's Crusty in a nutshell? Not quite.
At 12 years of age I was tutored in basic electronic theory by my father (1930 Royal Signals Engineer) and hated anything that was vacuum valve based.
At 14 years old I got my first germanium red spot transistor and amplified the AM medium wave signal from my Crystal Diode radio. This set the scene for a continuing love affair with solid state electronics, building designing and repairing.
During this romance, I found software programming and ended up with two mistresses and one (long suffering wife).
I have had many mentors and benefactors over the years who have given me a boost up the ladder of knowledge, thank you all and thank you London Underground for employing me for so long, I enjoyed every 35 years I spent with the company.
Now at close to 70 years old I get a little time to blog about the small advances I make in understanding the modern technology that comes streaming out into the open market place.

By the way the alias Crusty is apt as you will all find out.

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