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Speaking a lot is not that useful to me, but reading and listening is something that I do find beneficial.  This is how I learn.   Then when I do make a noise, it is with, (hopefully), some intelligence included. 

Taking up your time to boast about myself, and what I have accomplished is fruitless.  An ego is something that was necessary to depart from long ago.

Trophies, PhD's, and public acclamations are not listed on any of my résumé's.

I can't really say that my intelligence is superior to any others.

What I do know is that I can see what is the "Next New Thing" and how is will affect the lifestyle of the world. 

The whole process will appear to me.  Then a few years later on, it's on the shelf at the stores, and my share is on paper in my filing cabinet, and an email attachment to myself. 

There is nothing that I can do to prove that it was my concept from the beginning, because money is another thing that is very scarce with me.  Everybody knows that it "takes money to make money."

That's about all that is needed to know about me. 

I will probably remain a "Rookie" as far as the ratings go, but still waters do run deep, and I'm not just a desert mirage in Tucson.


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