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RFID Jamming - Armourcard The Armourcard product and technology was invented and developed out of concern with the vulnerabilities surrounding the technology used in 'tap & go' credit cards & ePassports. RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification, is the transmission of data over open airwaves and disturbingly can be intercepted by anyone with a RFID reader or NFC enabled smartphone.

The patented* ACTIVE RFID jamming technology found in Armourcard was developed because we, as consumers and users, were not satisfied with the level of protection (or lack there of) in the marketplace to protect our credit cards & ePassport data from being wirelessly skimmed.

After researching the RFID protection product market, we established that products only provide 'PASSIVE' protection like RFID blocking wallets or shielding sleeves, we discovered that these passive protective devices could often still be penetrated, leading to potential fiscal losses or at worst identity theft.

This led us to look for an 'ACTIVE' solution. Armourcard is the 1st Active security measure in the marketplace. With its patented technology, it electronically jams the frequency these credit cards & ePassports communicate over. (13.56Mhz) Armourcard stands alone amongst other RFID protective products and offers a superior solution to protecting consumers personal data from wireless skimming.

ARMOURCARD is a credit card sized device that you place inside your wallet or purse along with your other cards.

ARMOURCARD is the first product to offer 'Active Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) & Near Field Communication (NFC) Protection'. This means ARMOURCARD has its own power source and will instantly power-up and jam the RFID & NFC signals when an RFID / NFC reader tries to communicate and interrogate your credit cards or ePassport data.

ARMOURCARD is your first line of defence to protect yourself from identity theft from electronic pickpockets.

You can find out more about us at our website

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