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Seasoned software techie and entrepreneur. Passion and patents in large, distributed, networked semi-autonomous control systems operating at the "edge". Exploring "natural" solutions to IoT challenges: security, standards, scalability, synchronicity for emerging M2M communities.

Collaborative interests: Internet of Things. Scalable, secure real time "small" data messaging.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Founder/CTO, MeshDynamics, mesh networks favored in mining and military. Distributed control architecture enables real time voice/video over many hops. Patents granted, profitable since 2009.

Founder/CTO, Knowmadic, automated extraction and analysis of correlated snippets from multiple web sites. Feeds real time pub/sub exchange. Venture funded, patents granted, software acquired.

Founder/CTO, Advanced Cybernetics Group, robot control software. Received US Government contracts to develop a distributed autonomous robot control system platform. Licensed custom industrial robot modules to Abbott, IBM, Ingersoll Rand etc. Software acquired.

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