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A Sensor for All Seasons
10/31/2013   23 comments
Ultrasonic range sensors, infrared reflectance sensors temperature and humidity sensors, accelerometers, magnetometers, gyroscopes -- you name it, and Max Maxfield's robot will sense it.
Comment: Re: 40 in/s - Max The Magnificent - 10/30/2013
Comment: Re: YES! - Max The Magnificent - 10/30/2013
Hurray! My Robot's Motors & Wheels Are Heading My Way!
10/30/2013   8 comments
Max has selected the tastiest motors and the most delectable wheels for his ongoing Arduino-powered robot project.
Comment: Re: YES! - Max The Magnificent - 10/30/2013
Comment: Re: Caption - Max The Magnificent - 10/30/2013
Comment: Re: Myst - Max The Magnificent - 10/29/2013
I Cannot Wait to Be Obducted!
10/29/2013   8 comments
Suffice it to say that Max can barely restrain himself from squealing in anticipation!
EE Times Live Online Chat: Wednesday, Oct. 30
10/29/2013   8 comments
Join the EE Times editors to chat about what's been happening in electronics and engineering.
Altera's Secret Processor Unveiled: a Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A53
10/29/2013   11 comments
Equipped with 64-bit quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 processor subsystems, Stratix 10 SoCs look set to be a game-changer.
Free Webinar: Fundamentals of PCB Design
News & Analysis  
10/28/2013   6 comments
If you are wanting to learn about the fundamentals of PCB design and you've not seen this course, then you are missing out.
Comment: Re: hmmm - Max The Magnificent - 10/28/2013
Programmable Logic Designline Welcomes All Programmable Planet
10/28/2013   68 comments
Hello APP -- it's wonderful to see you over here -- welcome to your new home. Pull up a chair, sit yourself down, and make yourself comfortable.
Comment: Re: Motors - Max The Magnificent - 10/26/2013
Comment: Re: Motors - Max The Magnificent - 10/26/2013
Comment: Re: Motors - Max The Magnificent - 10/25/2013
My Arduino Robot Bites the Dust! Oh, the Horror…
10/25/2013   61 comments
If I ever have occasion to meet anyone from socially, I fear I shall be obliged to give them a most disapproving glare.
Arduino Adventures: Does 255/256 = 0 or 1?
10/24/2013   28 comments
Max Maxfield tries to wrap his brain around the problems associated with truncating the results from integer division operations.
Lattice Always-On Sensor Solutions for Context-Aware Mobile Devices
News & Analysis  
10/24/2013   3 comments
New iCE40 FPGAs slash power consumption by 100x and are so small they can fit almost anywhere to make always-on, context-aware sensor integration a reality.
How Would You Categorize PCB Tools?
10/23/2013   28 comments
It would be useful to have a way to compare and contrast the various PCB tools from different vendors at a high-level of abstraction.
Altera & Enpirion: Great Things Have Arrived
News & Analysis  
10/22/2013   7 comments
As wonderful as today's high-end FPGAs undoubtedly are, it cannot be denied that their power requirements are becoming ever-more complex.
Touch Me, Feel Me: QuickLogic's Sensor Fusion Solution
News & Analysis  
10/21/2013   3 comments
Sensor fusion involves taking the raw data coming out of multiple sensors and combining it and processing it to generate useful information.
Comment: Re: O good! - Max The Magnificent - 10/21/2013
Silego's 20-Minute Design Contest: $500 Reward
News & Analysis  
10/21/2013   Post a comment
On October 22, starting at High Noon Pacific Time, the folks from Silego will be holding a 20-minute design contest with a $500 prize.
Be an Atmel AVR Hero & Win $1,000
10/18/2013   2 comments
Are you great with a glue gun, awesome at Arduino, or super with a soldering iron? If so, this competition is for you!
Do Arduinos Dream of Electric Sheep?
10/17/2013   19 comments
Some people opt for a robot base with two wheels; others are tempted by a base with four wheels; but engineers like yours truly are satisfied with nothing more or less than three wheels.
The Internet of Things That Go Bump in the Night
10/16/2013   5 comments
The IoT is invading Halloween with help from Texas Instrument's WiFi, ZigBee, and Bluetooth technologies.
Prototyping TNG: Desktop Wire Bender
News & Analysis  
10/15/2013   1 comment
The trend that bought 3D printers to our desktops continues; have you ever heard of a desktop wire bending machine?
Altera Announces 5 New Low-Cost Dev Kits
News & Analysis  
10/14/2013   8 comments
Based on Cyclone V FPGAs, these new development kits from Altera and its partners start at only $49.
JESD204B FPGA Debug Tool From ADI & Xilinx
News & Analysis  
10/14/2013   Post a comment
The Analog Devices Linux JESD204B Eyescan Software works with Xilinx 7 series FPGAs and Zynq All Programmable SoCs.
Comment: Re: mess - Max The Magnificent - 10/14/2013
Welcome to PCB Designline
10/14/2013   28 comments
Today’s circuit boards feature new substrate materials, high-density interconnect technology, laser-drilled microvias... the list goes on.
Infographic: The AVR MCU — Atmel's Secret Maker Sauce
10/11/2013   19 comments
I'm currently interested in all things Arduino, so you can only imagine my surprise and delight to be introduced to this infographic.
Max's Cool Beans
10/11/2013   5 comments
In which we discover all sorts of weird, wacky, beautiful, and thought-provoking things.
Comment: Re: Spooky - Max The Magnificent - 10/11/2013
Comment: Re: diy - Max The Magnificent - 10/10/2013
Comment: Re: diy - Max The Magnificent - 10/10/2013
Comment: Re: diy - Max The Magnificent - 10/10/2013
Comment: Spooky - Max The Magnificent - 10/10/2013
What's the Best Robot Base for My Arduino?
10/10/2013   12 comments
Max Maxfield keeps seeing potential robot platforms that look like they could carry his Pixy (machine vision sensor) and be controlled with an Arduino. Then he reads the reviews.
See Bugblat's TIF (Tiny FPGA Board) & PIF (FPGA for Raspberry Pi)
News & Analysis  
10/9/2013   11 comments
The TIF can be used for many tasks, including recreating legacy components; the PIF can be used to provide humongous computational performance to augment the capabilities of a Raspberry Pi.
Silicon Labs' Energy-Friendly ARM Cortex-M0+ MCUs
News & Analysis  
10/9/2013   5 comments
EFM32 Zero Gecko MCUs deliver industry-leading energy efficiency and 32-bit performance at very attractive prices.
Comment: Very cool - Max The Magnificent - 10/9/2013
Wrapping One's Brain Around the Arduino, Part 2
10/8/2013   31 comments
In this blog, we move on to consider the Arduino IDE, along with resources like books and kits that are available to help you learn how to program this little rascal.
What on Earth?
10/8/2013   17 comments
Good grief, you don’t see many of these little beauties around these days. I would love to have this in my office.
Comment: Re: Humor - Max The Magnificent - 10/8/2013
Comment: Re: Bike - Max The Magnificent - 10/7/2013
BITalino: A DIY Toolkit for Physiological Computing
News & Analysis  
10/4/2013   12 comments
Traditionally the purview of medical and quality-of-life applications, the use of bio-signals is appearing in a wide variety of other areas, including informatics.
Max's Cool Beans
10/4/2013   11 comments
In which we discover all sorts of weird, wacky, beautiful, and thought-provoking "things."
Wrapping One's Brain Around the Arduino, Part 1
10/3/2013   39 comments
In this blog we start by considering some examples of Arduino and Arduino-compatible development boards.
Kozio Hardware Verification Technology Spans PCBs, SoCs & FPGAs
News & Analysis  
10/3/2013   9 comments
I think we may well be seeing the start of a completely new way to test and verify SoC and FPGA designs.
Retro 1950s Toy: The Magical Amazing Robot
10/2/2013   4 comments
From my perspective at the time, the way in which this toy worked truly was a mystery.
Digital Core Design Introduces D2692 Dual UART IP Core
News & Analysis  
10/1/2013   Post a comment
DCD's latest offering -- the D2692 -- is a dual universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter (DUART) IP core.
Comment: Re: Bike - Max The Magnificent - 10/1/2013
eSilicon Offers Online Quotes for Multi-Project Wafer Shuttle Services
News & Analysis  
10/1/2013   2 comments
Creating a silicon chip these days can be horrendously expensive. One way around this is to use a Multi-Project Wafer (MPW) Shuttle Service.

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