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Comment: Re:  - Max The Magnificent - 9/30/2013
Comment: Re: AGFL - Max The Magnificent - 9/28/2013
Fitbit Wearable Electronics: 1 Step at a Time!
9/27/2013   25 comments
My Fitbit Zip has got me performing significantly more exercise than I was doing before, but you have to be aware of a couple of things...
Max's Cool Beans
9/26/2013   19 comments
In which we discover all sorts of weird, wacky, beautiful, and thought-provoking things.
Fitbit Wearable Electronics: What a Wonderful Motivator!
9/26/2013   18 comments
I have to say that I'm very, very impressed. My Fitbit Zip has got me doing significantly more exercise than I was doing before.
Comment: Sad face - Max The Magnificent - 9/24/2013
With Over 1 Billion FPGAs Sold, Lattice Introduces MachXO3 Family
News & Analysis  
9/24/2013   4 comments
Their high pin count, inbuilt interface functions, small size, and low power consumption makes Lattice's MachXO3 FPGAs ideal for a wide range of applications.
Things That Go 'Meep' in the Night
9/24/2013   40 comments
You stand around waiting... waiting... waiting for the dreaded "meep." But, when it finally arrives, you cannot tell from whence it comes.
Free Online Course Targets SoC FPGAs
9/23/2013   1 comment
Are SoC FPGAs appropriate for your designs? This free course will explain all.
A Sillygism of Logic Designers & a Hackerty of Software Developers
9/20/2013   39 comments
I'm offering "an enterprise of engineers" as my humble contribution to collective nouns for the STEM and other professional communities.
48-Hour 3D Design Challenge With DesignSpark Mechanical
News & Analysis  
9/18/2013   2 comments
Four design teams have embarked on a 48-hour design challenge to create life-changing inventions using the DesignSpark Mechanical 3D modeling and assembly tool.
Comment: Re: Y: - Max The Magnificent - 9/17/2013
Comment: Re: ADCs - Max The Magnificent - 9/17/2013
Stop Schlepping: Use a SchmartBoard
9/17/2013   35 comments
SchmartBoard specializes in catering to people who want to know how to hand-solder surface mount components but were too afraid to ask.
Microchip Introduces PIC24F 'GC' MCUs With Intelligent Analog
News & Analysis  
9/17/2013   1 comment
Integrating analog on the MCU results in faster data paths, reduced noise, and the ability to change the analog parameters in software, all of which help to simplify board designs and reduce cost and board space.
Comment: Re: U: - Max The Magnificent - 9/17/2013
A Charm of CPUs & a Deceit of DSPs
9/17/2013   93 comments
I was wondering about interesting collective names we could use for different types of silicon chips.
I Bet My 3D Holographic Watch Is Better Than Yours
9/16/2013   6 comments
Let's have a competition to see who can design the most amazing 3D representation of our holographic watch prop using the DesignSpark Mechanical 3D design and visualization platform.
Allied Who? RS Who? DesignSpark What?
9/13/2013   13 comments
Allied Electronics? RS Components? Who are these heroes providing industrial-strength 3D design software for free?
EE Times Week in Review Online Chat: iPhone 5x, 3D Design & more
9/13/2013   5 comments
Join the EE Times editors to chat about what's been happening in electronics and engineering this week.
Comment: Re: nice! - Max The Magnificent - 9/13/2013
Comment: Re: nice! - Max The Magnificent - 9/12/2013
Allied/RS Bring Free 3D Design Software to Everyone on the Planet!
News & Analysis  
9/12/2013   12 comments
Free 3D design software will enable conceptualization and rapid prototyping, reduce costs, and dramatically accelerate product development.
A Dual-Head Personal 3D Printer: Tasty
9/12/2013   10 comments
Having two print heads means you can use one to print the object while the other can print support structures that can later be dissolved away.
Comment: Re: AGFL - Max The Magnificent - 9/11/2013
My Unsung Role in the Foreign Legion
9/11/2013   4 comments
Walker Knight, author of the "America's Galactic Foreign Legion" science fiction series has given yours truly a cameo role in his latest book.
Hurray! My 3D Printer Has Arrived!
9/11/2013   16 comments
People keep on asking me: "What are you going to print with your 3D printer?" Well, all sorts of things keep on popping into my head.
It's Crunch Time for Me to Learn the Arduino
9/10/2013   23 comments
Max Maxfield has been meaning to learn the Arduino for ages. Every time he's been poised to leap into action, something has distracted him, but now it's crunch time.
The Awesome Art of Bodacious Breadboards
9/10/2013   32 comments
I think of a well laid-out breadboard or printed circuit board a little like a piece of art.
Pass Me a Can of Jinx Remover Spray!
9/9/2013   25 comments
I think I could do with a can of Jinx Remover spray. I wonder where you get them from.
What on Earth?
9/9/2013   20 comments
It's not often that you see one of these little beauties, but what on earth can they be and what might they be used for.
Max's Cool Beans
Max’s Cool Beans  
9/6/2013   9 comments
In which we discover all sorts of weird, wacky, beautiful, and thought-provoking things.
EE Times Week in Review Online Chat: Tiny $8 Development Board
9/5/2013   7 comments
Join the EE Times editors to chat about what's been happening in electronics and engineering this week.
Comment: Re: ASR? - Max The Magnificent - 9/5/2013
Altera's FPGAs Meet Micron's Hybrid Memory Cubes
News & Analysis  
9/4/2013   3 comments
Hybrid Memory Cubes (HMCs) involve a chip package containing a 3D stack of DRAM memory die sitting on top of a logic layer, all connected using TSVs (through-silicon vias).
Comment: Re: ASR? - Max The Magnificent - 9/4/2013
What on Earth?
9/3/2013   21 comments
Knut Hegna from the Informatics Library at the University of Oslo has finally identified its unknown artifact.
Comment: Re: ASR? - Max The Magnificent - 9/3/2013
Comment: Re: ASR? - Max The Magnificent - 9/3/2013
Comment: Re: ASR? - Max The Magnificent - 9/1/2013
Comment: Re: ASR? - Max The Magnificent - 9/1/2013
Comment: Re: ASR? - Max The Magnificent - 9/1/2013

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Open Office: Your Fart is My Problem
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Very Tasty Solar Media Player & Power Bank
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Bloopers Book Helps Improve GUI Development
Rich Quinnell
Courtesy of fellow editor "Max" Maxfield (aka Max the Magnificent), I recently acquired a copy of GUI Bloopers 2.0 by Jeff Johnson of UI Wizards. I found it an interesting read chock full ...

Rich Quinnell

Making the Grade in Industrial Design
Rich Quinnell
As every developer knows, there are the paper specifications for a product design, and then there are the real requirements. The paper specs are dry, bland, and rigidly numeric, making ...

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