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Comment: Another provider - RichQ - 6/22/2015
Wide Area Network for IoT Gets Protocol Standard
News & Analysis  
6/22/2015   3 comments
The LoRa approach wide-area IoT networking now has an open protocol standard available.
Comment: Re: false promises - RichQ - 6/19/2015
ASICs for the IoT Cross the Horizon
News & Analysis  
6/19/2015   2 comments
The custom chip industry is working to jump-start ASIC development for the Internet of Things.
Comment: Re: What about Coding? - RichQ - 6/17/2015
Embedded Systems Developers Reveal Slow, Steady Shifts
6/16/2015   6 comments
The annual UBM Embedded Market Study is out, providing insights into embedded systems development's evolution worldwide.
Comment: Boston snow - RichQ - 6/11/2015
Comment: Re: Taglines . . . - RichQ - 6/3/2015
Comment: Slight correction - RichQ - 6/3/2015
Comment: Total agreement - RichQ - 6/2/2015
Development Kit Targets Motion Control Design
News & Analysis  
5/22/2015   Post a comment
TI's DesignDRIVE gives motion control developers a sandbox in which they can experiment with sensor and motor control topologies.
Robot Revolution Initiative Launches in Japan
News & Analysis  
5/21/2015   Post a comment
Seeking to lead the "robot revolution," Japan has initiated development of a five-year plan to dramatically expand the role of robots in industry and society.
EtherCAT Linking Factory to Office
News & Analysis  
5/14/2015   2 comments
The need to bridge between factory equipment and the corporate office is moving EtherCAT into a leading role among industrial networks.
Comment: Re: Others - RichQ - 5/12/2015
Comment: Re: Why Connect a Car? - RichQ - 5/11/2015
Comment: Re: Why Connect a Car? - RichQ - 5/11/2015
Comment: Re: Others - RichQ - 5/11/2015
Comment: Re: Why Connect a Car? - RichQ - 5/11/2015
3D Expands Vision Applications in Industrial Automation
News & Analysis  
5/6/2015   Post a comment
Manufacturing has used 2D vision in automated inspection for years, but now there's a whole new dimension to vision in industry.
Comment: Re: 4 eyes - RichQ - 4/24/2015
Transceiver Supports Dual 2.4 GHz IoT Networks
News & Analysis  
4/20/2015   Post a comment
Industrial applications, home automation, and the like often need multiple networks to be active. This transceiver helps bridge them.
When Coding Errors Can Kill
Engineering Investigations  
4/17/2015   7 comments
Under a mild-sounding title, software safety expert Sean Beatty will be presenting a design teardown for a detonator at ESC Boston.
Comment: Re: more certification - RichQ - 4/15/2015
Comment: Re: more certification - RichQ - 4/15/2015
Comment: Re: Replaceability.... - RichQ - 4/14/2015
Module Makes BLE a Drop-In Design Element
News & Analysis  
4/14/2015   8 comments
The EZ-BLE radio module is fully self-contained, making Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity easy to add.
RTOS Evolves to Ease Wireless IoT Device Design
News & Analysis  
4/9/2015   Post a comment
Automated power management and built-in drivers allow this RTOS to greatly simplify IoT design.
Code Visualization Comes to ARM Community
News & Analysis  
4/7/2015   Post a comment
Percepio has joined the ARM Connected Community, bringing its Tracealyzer code visualization tool to the party.
Know Your Open Source License
4/1/2015   Post a comment
If you think open source means unrestricted use, you need to take another look at licensing.
Comment: Slight update - RichQ - 3/26/2015
MCU Vendors Engaging in Low-Power Leapfrog
News & Analysis  
3/25/2015   8 comments
Competition to be the low-power MCU leader has resulted in a burst of product introductions, but it is the developer who will ultimately win.
Multicore MCU Brings Gigabit Ethernet to IoT
News & Analysis  
3/23/2015   Post a comment
Multiple cores bring blazing speed to low-cost MCUs for Ethernet connectivity and audio applications.
Low-Power Wireless MCUs Proliferate
News & Analysis  
3/4/2015   Post a comment
Wireless device developers now have a new range of RF options that are low-power and easy to design with.
IoT Security a Prime Focus for Freescale
News & Analysis  
3/3/2015   Post a comment
Security is a major concern in the Internet of Things, and Freescale intends to provide developers with the answers.
IoT Starter Kit Connects Developer to Cloud in Moments
News & Analysis  
2/26/2015   1 comment
Seeking to simplify the prospect of creating an IoT prototype that is web connected, ARM has partnered with IBM to provide an end-to-end, out of the box dev kit.
8-bit MCUs Stake New Claim in IoT
News & Analysis  
2/23/2015   Post a comment
Far from being down and out in the IoT era, 8-bit MCUs are staking a claim with these new products from Silicon Labs.
Comment: Commercial drones - RichQ - 2/20/2015
IoT Core Theme for Embedded World
Industrial Control DesignLine Blog  
2/18/2015   Post a comment
At Embedded World in Germany next week, the Internet of Things will take center stage. Unlike CES, however, this show will focus on the practical.
Comment: $4 trillion impact - RichQ - 2/11/2015
Embedded Tools Target 'Industry 4.0' Development
News & Analysis  
2/9/2015   1 comment
Rising interest in applying the Internet of Things to industrial applications has prompted Mentor Graphics to assemble a suitable runtime and tool framework for developers.
Investors Hot on Drones
2/6/2015   2 comments
Investors have identified drone technology as the hottest area for robotics investment in the coming year.
Comment: Re: bronken link - RichQ - 2/3/2015
Voice & Graphical User Interface MCUs Available
News & Analysis  
2/2/2015   Post a comment
Human machine interface design using graphics or voice just got cheaper and easier.
Comment: Re: IAR's MakeApp - RichQ - 1/29/2015
Comment: Re: My experience - RichQ - 1/29/2015
Comment: Re: My experience - RichQ - 1/29/2015
Comment: Re: Brain retardation - RichQ - 1/28/2015
Configuration Tools Simplify MCU Setup
1/28/2015   12 comments
Graphical tools supporting developers in configuring complex MCU peripheral sets continue to evolve.
Comment: Re: Afordable kits - RichQ - 1/26/2015
Motion Control Comes to Masses with TI Launchpad
News & Analysis  
1/23/2015   7 comments
Prototyping of brushless motor control systems has required specialized expertise, but a new offering from TI aims to change that.
B&B Bringing Legacy Systems into Industrial IoT
News & Analysis  
1/21/2015   Post a comment
With a name change and a new partner program, B&B SmartWorx takes aim at the Industrial Internet of Things.
Comment: simple interface - RichQ - 1/20/2015
Comment: Re: Encoders are fun - RichQ - 1/20/2015
Adding Intelligence to Rotary Encoders
News & Analysis  
1/19/2015   15 comments
Rotary encoders typically provide simple pulses to a motor controller, but with added intelligence they can do much more.
Comment: Re: Analog has parallax - RichQ - 1/16/2015
Comment: Re: Nixie Tubes - RichQ - 1/16/2015
Comment: Peripheral vision - RichQ - 1/16/2015
Comment: Re: Analog has parallax - RichQ - 1/16/2015
Comment: Re: Analog has parallax - RichQ - 1/16/2015
In Praise of Analog Meters
1/16/2015   24 comments
Digital is everywhere, for reasons various and sound, but in metering analog still has its charm and place.
Comment: Re: Uninitialized bit - RichQ - 1/15/2015
Comment: Re: Maybe Gate - RichQ - 1/15/2015
Comment: Re: Uninitialized bit - RichQ - 1/14/2015
Comment: Uninitialized bit - RichQ - 1/14/2015
Bloopers Book Helps Improve GUI Development
Engineer’s Bookshelf  
1/13/2015   2 comments
With the rising popularity of touchscreen controls, the need for well-considered graphical user interfaces (GUIs) has become paramount. This book can help.
Comment: Re: Follow the Money - RichQ - 1/9/2015
Comment: Re: Follow the Money - RichQ - 1/9/2015
Comment: Continuity? - RichQ - 1/9/2015
Comment: Re: Follow the Money - RichQ - 1/8/2015
Comment: Re: Follow the Money - RichQ - 1/8/2015
Comment: Re: Follow the Money - RichQ - 1/8/2015
Comment: Good catch - RichQ - 1/6/2015


Drones are, in essence, flying autonomous vehicles. Pros and cons surrounding drones today might well foreshadow the debate over the development of self-driving cars. In the context of a strongly regulated aviation industry, "self-flying" drones pose a fresh challenge. How safe is it to fly drones in different environments? Should drones be required for visual line of sight – as are piloted airplanes? Join EE Times' Junko Yoshida as she moderates a panel of drone experts.

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