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Comment: Flea markets - MeasurementBlues - 10/27/2016
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Comment: Her iPad - MeasurementBlues - 9/8/2016
Friday Quiz: Signal Bandwidth and Sampling
8/26/2016   1 comment
Without understanding signal bandwidth and sampling, you'll have quite a time trying to understand how signals are digitized.
Comment: Ascii art - MeasurementBlues - 8/24/2016
Comment: Enterprise D - MeasurementBlues - 8/24/2016
Comment: The Borg - MeasurementBlues - 8/24/2016
Friday Quiz: Real Electronics by Jim Williams, Part 3
8/19/2016   3 comments
So, you thought you've caught all the analog gremlins from parts 1 and 2? Sorry, but there are more on the loose.
Friday Quiz: Real Electronics by Jim Williams, Part 2
8/12/2016   4 comments
The analog gremlins are once again on the loose. Can you catch them?
IMS2017 in Hawai'i: Call for Papers
8/9/2016   3 comments
The best way to get to Hawai'i in 2017 is by having your paper accepted at the International Microwave Symposium. The call for papers is now open.
Friday Quiz: Real Electronics by Jim Williams, Part 1
8/5/2016   9 comments
EE Times reproduces quiz questions posed by legendary analog engineer Jim Williams, originally published in EDN in November, 1985.
NI Week: Robots Dominate Innovation Awards
8/4/2016   Post a comment
At NI Week 2016 in Austin, the winners of the Engineering Impact Awards will impress you as much as the judges.
Top Career Tips from NI Week Panel
8/3/2016   7 comments
Panelists from industry give their advise to engineers starting their careers.
Friday Quiz: Data-Acquisition System IQ, Part 2
7/29/2016   1 comment
EE Times reproduces a quiz that originally appeared in EDN in 1976. This week, we cover questions 6-10 of the original printed article.
Friday Quiz: Data-Acquisition System IQ, Part 1
7/22/2016   Post a comment
EE Times reproduces a quiz that originally appeared in EDN in 1976.
Friday Quiz: Portable Oscilloscopes from 1985
7/15/2016   Post a comment
On September 19, 1985, EDN published a feature story on what was them called "portable" oscilloscopes. Can you name the manufacturers of these six models?
Friday Quiz: Intelligent Instruments (1982), DMMs Part 2
7/8/2016   Post a comment
Can you name more of these "intelligent" DMMs featured in an EDN article from 1982?
EEs Recognized for Powering Public Transit
7/6/2016   3 comments
A plaque outside America's oldest subway station credits engineers for powering the nation's first underground transit system.
Averna Acquires Nexjen, Goes Deeper in U.S. Test Market
News & Analysis  
7/1/2016   Post a comment
Nexjen adds strength in the southeastern U.S., particularly in RF test.
Friday Quiz: Intelligent Instruments, DMMs Part 1
7/1/2016   Post a comment
Can you name these "intelligent" DMMs featured in an EDN article from 1982?
Comment: Old EDN - MeasurementBlues - 6/28/2016
Friday Quiz: RF Power Measurements
6/24/2016   2 comments
RF and microwave engineers as well as those who design RF modules into products often have to measure transmitter power and power at the receiver.
Take a Video Tour of IMS 2016
6/21/2016   1 comment
This 10-minute video takes your around the exhibit hall to see products from components to test equipment.
Friday Quiz: Effective Number of Bits (ENOB)
6/17/2016   3 comments
ADCs never deliver the full number of bits specified in brochures and data sheets. That same hold true for digitizers, oscilloscopes, and data-acquisition systems.
T&M Products: Oscilloscope, Network Test, Thermal Imager, & More
Product News  
6/13/2016   Post a comment
Here are some of the top test and measurement products introduced in the last 60 days.
Friday Quiz: Max the Magnificent
6/3/2016   28 comments
How much do you know about the Editor of all Things Fun and Interesting?
14 Bench Oscilloscopes Under $3000
6/2/2016   7 comments
Here is a sampling of both digital and mixed-signal oscilloscopes with base prices under $3000. See the comparison table for links, specs, and prices.
Rubber Bands Can Get You In Real Trouble
6/1/2016   19 comments
Rubber Band Engineer, a book by Lance Akiyama, is just what you need to shoot projectiles and get yourself in trouble.
Friday Quiz: Signal Conditioning Circuits
5/27/2016   1 comment
Most sensors need some kind of amplification, isolation, filtering, or buffering between them and an ADC.
Friday Quiz: Oscilloscopes and Probes
5/20/2016   2 comments
Check your knowledge on making time-domain measurements.
PyBERT: Open-Source Software for Modeling High-Speed Links
5/18/2016   Post a comment
PyBERT by David Banas frees you from IBIS-AMI models, which have their limitations, for modeling high-speed SerDes devices and systems for signal integrity.
Comment: Re: An aside - MeasurementBlues - 5/17/2016
Comment: Re: ebay - MeasurementBlues - 5/17/2016
Time's Up: Keysight to Discontinue Legacy Instruments
5/17/2016   3 comments
The classic workhorse 34401A DMM and other test instruments will go out of production on Dec. 1. 2016.
Comment: ebay - MeasurementBlues - 5/16/2016
Electronics Flea Market, 2016 Edition
5/16/2016   38 comments
EE Times' editor Martin Rowe crossed the Charles River to check out the monthly electronics flea market at MIT. Even Thomas Edison was represented this time.
Friday Quiz: Power Supply Measurements
5/13/2016   Post a comment
Every electronic device and system needs power, and power needs measurements. Parts Search

185 million searchable parts
(please enter a part number or hit search to begin)

What are the engineering and design challenges in creating successful IoT devices? These devices are usually small, resource-constrained electronics designed to sense, collect, send, and/or interpret data. Some of the devices need to be smart enough to act upon data in real time, 24/7. Specifically the guests will discuss sensors, security, and lessons from IoT deployments.

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