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Slideshow: New York struggles to recover
News & Analysis  
10/31/2012   2 comments
We hoofed it over the East River bridges from Brooklyn to Manhattan to gauge the pace of recovery in stricken New York City.
Yoshida in China: Huawei MIA in Windows Phone 8
10/31/2012   7 comments
What’s behind Huawei’s no-show at the Windows Phone 8 announcement, and Microsoft’s waning appetite for the Japanese market?
App developers are weak link for Android security
News & Analysis  
10/30/2012   Post a comment
When it comes to Android app security, what's the weakest link? Mobile handsets, communication links or servers, data centers? We looked for some answers.
Windows Phone 8 targets everyone but business users
News & Analysis  
10/29/2012   20 comments
The most memorable tag line for Windows Phone 8 is: “We reinvented smartphones around YOU.”
Yoshida in China: NXP deals with 'freeze mode’
10/28/2012   Post a comment
China's manufacturing index rose in October, hinting that a manufacturing downturn has bottomed out. Still, companies like NXP are still looking for signs of a rebound.
CEO Clemmer carving out NXP 2.0 strategy
News & Analysis  
10/26/2012   3 comments
NXP Semiconductors CEO Rick Clemmer has reduced the chip maker's huge debt, brought in an experienced management team and targeted key market segments.
Yoshida in China: Which candidate can save U.S. jobs?
10/25/2012   22 comments
The presidential candidates talk tough on China trade policy. How will they translate their rhetoric into concrete policies that will help the U.S. compete and create jobs.
Marvell's Weili Dai to critics: 'Don’t bet against us'
News & Analysis  
10/24/2012   19 comments
Countering critics, Marvell claims it’s ready for the "super-integration era" of storage, connectivity, video and 3-D graphics for Ultrabooks, tablets, smartphones and smart TVs.
Power controller gets Cortex makeover
Design How-To  
10/24/2012   2 comments
Active-Semi's latest platform is a departure from the traditional “bag of chips” approach to power electronics.
Yoshida in Japan: Tokyo scuttling tech bailouts
10/22/2012   8 comments
Japan's insular ministries have moved in recent weeks to block several efforts by private equity firms and U.S. companies to acquire ailing Japanese tech counterparts.
Why Microsoft’s Surface will be no-show in Japan
News & Analysis  
10/21/2012   13 comments
Is Microsoft snubbing Japan because of its growing irrelevance as a market? Or is Microsoft wary about its Surface tablet flopping in Japan?
Sony to cut 2,000 workers in Japan
News & Analysis  
10/19/2012   2 comments
Sony’s latest restructuring plan will result in more layoffs at its headquarters and other electronics business units in Japan.
Yoshida in China: Time for Japan to exit TV market
10/18/2012   18 comments
Slumping sales of Japanese-made TVs in the vital Chinese market underscore why Japan should get the hell out of the TV business.
China Mobile selects 7 suppliers for TD-LTE trial
News & Analysis  
10/17/2012   Post a comment
China Mobile said seven manufacturers, including Alcatel-Lucent and ZTE, will supply gear for its TD-LTE trial network, but stopped short of disclosing how the work will be divided.
Yoshida in China: Streaming sticks threaten TV makers
10/16/2012   12 comments
China's fabless IC sector is bullish on HDMI- or USB-based "stick products" designed to turn flat panels into streaming TVs. Does the product category have legs in the West?
Slideshow: Japan consumer electronics showcases smart connectivity
News & Analysis  
10/15/2012   11 comments
The smartphone and connectivity dominated Japan's largest consumer electronics show, with appliances, robots, and autos relegated to the status of smartphone accessories.
Analysts clash over where Marvell ranks among smartphone suppliers
Design How-To  
10/15/2012   3 comments
With the smartphone chip market emerging as an industry driver, rival analysts disagree on where Marvell Semiconductor fits in the rankings for apps processor suppliers.
Softbank moves to acquire Sprint, MetroPCS
News & Analysis  
10/11/2012   Post a comment
Japanese carrier reportedly has ambitious plan to expand in the U.S. through two-phased acquisition plan.
Yoshida in China: Going public would demystify Huawei
10/11/2012   20 comments
With growing U.S. concerns about cyber warfare, there's little incentive to do business with Huawei, a company that is not listed on New York or London exchanges.
Yoshida in China: $400 iPhones and skewed trade stats
10/9/2012   7 comments
When an iPhone 5 is sold in the U.S., trade statistics count it as $400 credit to China’s side of the ledger. Is this right?
Yoshida in China: Awaiting a Chinese CES
10/4/2012   3 comments
When will we see a big trade show like CES in China? We're talking about a real consumer electronics extravaganza in Shenzhen, Shanghai or Beijing.
Toyota's Insect EV: Car or gadget?
Design How-To  
10/2/2012   17 comments
Toyota came to Japan’s largest consumer electronics show to tout its single-seater electric vehicle named “Smart Insect.”
Yoshida in China: Cultural rev survivors leap forward
10/1/2012   8 comments
When introduced to a Chinese person, here’s one question you may want to ask. The answer could be more revealing than you imagine.

As data rates begin to move beyond 25 Gbps channels, new problems arise. Getting to 50 Gbps channels might not be possible with the traditional NRZ (2-level) signaling. PAM4 lets data rates double with only a small increase in channel bandwidth by sending two bits per symbol. But, it brings new measurement and analysis problems. Signal integrity sage Ransom Stephens will explain how PAM4 differs from NRZ and what to expect in design, measurement, and signal analysis.

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The LTC®2983 measures a wide variety of temperature sensors ...
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